Android mobile phone updates continue to be a source of debate despite the fact that we are already on our way to the third five years since the launch of the operating system. Most manufacturers update their phones for two years, and in many cases even less, but some brands are pushing for that to change and Samsung is one of them.

Now, coinciding with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S22, the Korean giant has hit the Android board and moved all the chips. Samsung promised 4 years of operating system updates for many of its new high-end phones and some of the previous generation, and 5 years of security patches.

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No one on Android updates longer than Samsung…yet

The operating system manager, Google, has already extended the update period for its own terminals to 3 years, although an agreement with Qualcomm will allow this period to be extended to 4 years, thus corresponding to Samsung’s new bet that divides its high-end market between models that have a Qualcomm chip and those that carry their own Exynos technology. Like the Galaxy S22 with the Exynos 2200, to name only the most recent.

OnePlus was also one of the brands that took the plunge last year and announced 3 years of updates for its most powerful line phones, bringing security patches to the same devices for 4 years. Vivo and OPPO have done something similar, with 3 years of Android and security updates for their most powerful models. Xiaomi did the same with the Xiaomi 11T. The big brands are the only ones pushing the market in this regard, but now Samsung is overtaking them all on the left.

With the new announcement, Samsung continues to lead the list of Android manufacturers that increasingly update their terminals, although it limits it to models of its highest ranges (approaching the conditions offered by Apple in iOS on the opposite side of the market, for that matter). The Korean firm has confirmed that several of its models will have 4 years of full updates, and one more year exclusive for security patches that fix errors without introducing improvements or other changes.

As previously disclosed, Samsung is confirming these extended updates for the following models in its catalog:

Thus, once the promise is planted on the table, it remains to be seen what will be the movement of the rest of the manufacturers in the market because for the purposes of durability and validity, the Samsung models have just led the race. It will be a question of observing the next gestures of the various brands, in particular that of a Google which could confirm the same increase at the hands of Qualcomm, and perhaps extend it to more models and manufacturers.