Want your Wear OS smartwatch to look exactly the way you want it? If you’re not convinced by the watch faces that come with it, you can always create your own Watchfaces: we’ve handpicked the best Android apps to make it happen.

Smartwatches connected with Wear OS come with their own faces, called watch faces. All brands include their own watch faces, but it’s always possible to install new ones from Google Play. Not only that, there are apps that allow the creation of watch faces from the phone, also from the web. Below we collect the best for the task.


It is a must have app if you want to make your smartwatch your own smartwatch. Facer is a very comprehensive app, with an untold volume of community creations, and as we’re looking for, it also lets you create spheres from scratch.

Facer is not entirely straightforward (all dial makers struggle), but it takes some time playing around with their “Facer Creator” software to understand how it works. Of course, creating new spheres with Facer is not done over the phone, but on the web.

You need to go to Facer Creator, choose a sphere type, and add items as you like. When done, and as long as you’re using a Facer account, the watch face will sync with your Wear OS watch.

Facer Creator on the web

Facer is a free app, it has advertisements and you can subscribe to its premium service to remove them and add additional options. You don’t need to pay to make your own watch faces.

Facer: wallpapers


Another traditional Android app that has two basic functions: a watch face library with thousands of them to download (created by users) and the ability to design watch faces from scratch. Unlike Facer, Watchmaker allows creation from the mobile app.

Facer offers the creation of watch faces with a multitude of different designs; In addition to including the customization of the background, needles or complications, for example. It includes a clock application which synchronizes the dials and which is free; although you have to be premium for much of the sphere creation.

Watch faces – WatchMaker 100,000 faces

Black pujie

What started as a few customizable watch faces has grown into an ode to customizing watch faces on Wear OS: with Pujie Black, you can create whatever you want. And from mobile, it’s our favorite.

The application allows you to choose the type of watch, dial, you can add different complications, adjust the backgrounds, choose what happens with the interactions, vary the appearance of the elements or their tone … all of it. in a clean way and, despite the fact that it involves some complexity (a lot), Pujie is the clearest and most concise when it comes to creating watch faces.

Pujie Black is an application that costs 1.99 euros. If you want to make your own watch faces for Wear OS, this is one of the most recommended apps. And without advertising.

Face Designer Watch – Pujie Black – Wear OS

Developer: PujieDownload it on: Google PlayPrice: 1.99 eurosCategory: Personalization

Minimal and elegant

Like Pujie Black, Minimal & Elegant (M&E) has gone from a unique watch face to a creator of spheres. What was originally a digital model with numerals moving horizontally now allows you to create any watch face you can think of. Of course, your system is somewhat complex.

Minimal & Elegant offers a generic basic dial from which any other can be generated. Although it’s best to find one you like from its huge database and then customize it as you like. It can also be created, but the process is arduous.

The app is perfect for giving your smartwatch another style, the one you have chosen just for yourself. Minimal & Elegant costs 1.99 euros. It has no ads, no in-app purchases. And it has an impressive gallery of dials.

Watch face – Minimal and stylish for Android Wear OS

Considerations to take into account

In general, all faces created with apps (and those downloaded other than the watch brand) consume more battery. You have to take this into account. The more complications and functions you add to your dial, the more it will consume. For example, if you put a calendar, a battery indicator, different clocks on the same face, the time … Always register each face separately in the mobile application once you start using it. If you reuse the design, you may lose the original creation. It is often easier to modify a ready-made sphere than to create one from scratch. And you can get the same personalization, you just need to apply the relevant changes.