The number of apps compatible with Android Auto isn’t very high, but there are three main categories to choose from: messaging, navigation and multimedia. That you don’t want to complicate your life? We select for you those that we think are the best applications for Android Auto. With this collection, you won’t need much more behind the wheel.

Connecting the mobile to the car means extending the possibilities of the vehicle in areas such as navigation, music playback or messaging. Of course, security should also be key as any distraction using the phone can be a disaster; therefore, systems like Android Auto are designed to run apps while avoiding distractions as much as possible. Let’s see which are the most recommended.

navigation apps

Finding the best route to your destination, and not missing important points on your journey, is paramount in the car, so here’s our first stop: the best navigation apps.

Google Maps. There is not much to say about this application: not only does it allow you to move from one place to another thanks to the guided navigation of Navigation, but it also offers points of interest (POI) as well as maps and traffic alerts. Its interface is perfectly adapted to Android Auto and can be downloaded from this link on Google Play. Although your mobile already has Google Maps. Wave. There are those who prefer Google Maps and others who prefer Waze, but there’s no doubt that both apps are perfect for use in the car (besides the fact that they’re both from Google). Waze offers more social browsing, with a lot more real-time information as well. Drivers post crashes, speed cameras, and other alerts (Maps also includes a selection), making it a great app for finding the fastest route. It is available on Google Play. TomTom AmiGO. The leading GPS navigation company has updated both its main app and the 100% free version, which is the one we recommend. What do you want GPS navigation to have map and alerts on car console? TomTom AmiGO is for you. It’s not a bad alternative to Google Maps or Waze, although you do need an internet connection. It is available on Google Play.

The above are our top three recommendations, but there are other GPS navigators that are compatible with Android Auto. Of course, you will have to pay a subscription to get all its functions.

Music and audio apps

Because traveling safely and quickly is not incompatible with having fun along the way, we’ve chosen the best apps for Android Auto with which to enjoy music, podcasts and even audiobooks. All this so that drowsiness moves away from the steering wheel as much as possible (remember to rest well before traveling).

Spotify. This streaming service is subscribed to Android Auto since it is even compatible with Maps and Waze. In this sense, you will have all the music accessible and at the maximum size on the screen, all to maintain security. And you can not only listen to songs, but also podcasts: you can download Spotify from here. AppleMusic. That you subscribe to Apple’s music service? Well, the app is compatible with Android Auto: you have all your lists, favourites, music streamed and saved on the phone at the touch of a button on the car console. The app is here. Deezer. The other great music streaming service compatible with Android Auto. Big menus to tap without distraction, skins to display on your car screen, and millions of themes to choose from – there’s no long drive with a long enough playlist. You can download Deezer from Google Play. Amazon Music. Amazon’s music subscription service also offers compatibility for Android Auto: you can listen to all your music comfortably while driving your vehicle. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile. Google Podcasts. That you have your entire collection of podcasts on the Google service? Well, this app is also compatible with Android Auto requirements: just download it from this link to Play Store. You can even listen to podcasts without installing the app. Simply save your favorite shows to Google Podcasts. PocketCasts. One of the best-known podcast-playing apps is also compatible with Android Auto, so you won’t miss your favorite shows while you’re behind the wheel. You can download Pocket Casts from the Android app store. Single radius. That you don’t have an FM radio in the car or you’re driving through an area where you can’t hear it well and there’s mobile network coverage? Well, Simple Radio solves the poll for you: it is compatible with Android Auto and offers you a multitude of online stations accessible with a simple touch of the screen. You can download it from here. Audiobooks. Reading books while driving is impossible (or crazy), but listening to them is not. And there’s nothing like an audiobook app: you can use it with Android Auto, just download it from the Google Play Store.

messaging apps

Send messages from the car and without having to touch the screen, this is something you can do easily using your voice and Google Assistant: just wake up the assistant with “Ok, Google” and say “Send a message to…” the person you want. If you want a messaging app suitable for Android Auto, you have the best and most compatible ones:

WhatsApp. It could not be missing: you can send messages from the car using messages, but also receive them on the vehicle console via Android Auto. If you don’t have it on your mobile yet, you can download WhatsApp from here. Telegram. Not much to say about this well-known messaging app: it’s adapted to Android Auto functionality, so you won’t have any problems using it in the car. You can download it from Google Play. Messenger. Facebook’s native messaging also offers support for Android Auto, something you’ll like if you’re used to messaging through it. It’s also on Google Play. Signal. One of the most private and secure messaging apps is also compatible with Android Auto. You can download it directly from Google Play. Skype. It’s not the most popular anymore, but it might still work for you. Especially if you want to use it in the car: Skype is compatible with Android Auto. Download it here.

use your assistant

Although interacting with apps through the car screen is extremely comfortable, it does not mean that you can manage most actions by voice and Google Assistant (apps need to be installed on the mobile and compatible with Android Auto). So don’t be shy: say “Ok Google” and one of the following commands, for example:

Put The Beatles on Spotify. Play Show must continue on Deezer. How to get to Madrid. Text my mom. Send a WhatsApp to Samuel. What’s the weather like in Madrid? Put the Despeja la X podcast on Spotify. Call Susie.