The Apple Watch is one of the devices that can have the biggest impact on our daily lives. A very personal product that accompanies us at all times and can therefore be useful at all times (and not just to tell the time). We have compiled some apps and tricks to get the most out of it and make the most of its possibilities.

Interesting apps for the Apple Watch

Carrot: The best app to see the weather on the Apple Watch is Carrot. Thanks to its enormous customization options, we can adapt both the sphere complication and the application so that it shows us the information that interests us the most. Available on the App Store. All the Rings: If we’ve decided to close the Apple Watch rings, the app that can help us the most to keep track of it is All The Rings. It’s basically a version of the Vitaminized Activity app with added features to make it even better. You can read our full review. Available on the App Store. Pillow or AutoSleep: The best apps you’ll find to automatically track your sleep with the Apple Watch. AutoSleep brings a wealth of options, while Pillow offers a much easier to understand interface. Focus: A perfect app to focus on applying the pomodoro technique. As we saw during the detailed analysis of the application, the timer is synchronized between all the devices that we have connected to iCloud. In addition, thanks to the complication, you can quickly see on the dial how much time has passed. Available on the App Store. Cardiogram or HeartWatch: The Apple Watch itself has an app to analyze heart rate, but if we want more specific data and additional details, it’s worth taking a look at Cardiogram or HeartWatch. Streaks Workout: One of the best apps for doing interval workouts with the Apple Watch. Fully integrated with Health and very easy to customize to create our own routines and circuits. Of all the apps I’ve tried in its field, this is the one that makes it easier to complete the training. Available on the App Store. Bring: No paper shopping list, no note on Apple Watch. The best is to use Bring directly and see the items waiting to be purchased directly on the watch without having to occupy your hands with paper or the phone. Available on the App Store.

Apple Watch tips you should know

Ask Siri to read the time: A very simple trick, if we press with two fingers on the clock face and hold for a few moments… Siri tells us out loud what time it is . Of course, the Apple Watch doesn’t have to be in silent mode, do not disturb mode, or theater mode. Force quit an app: On some occasions, an app on the Apple Watch may become unresponsive, in which case the best thing to do is to force quit the app. To do this we open the application that we want to close, press the side button for a few seconds until the emergency menu appears, then press and hold the digital crown until we see an animation close the desired application. As always, it’s good to remember that you don’t have to close apps to consume less battery or advance the clock faster, it’s not efficient. Turn the Apple Watch into a night clock: from the Watch app on the iPhone, we can configure the clock to always show the time in a green tone and without too much light while the watch is in charged. To do this, you need to go to Watch > General > Nightstand mode. If we activate this option and load the clock by placing it vertically and to one side, the time will always be displayed. Ideal if you charge the watch at night but not so much if you use the watch to monitor your sleep. Control Center Maxed Out: Control Center on Apple Watch is invoked by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on the watch face. If we want to invoke it in any menu or application, we can do it with the same gesture but keeping our finger down longer until the control center appears. By the way, it is also possible to customize the order of the controls that appear, from the control center itself at the bottom we find an edit button. See apps in list mode, not hive mode: The Apple Watch app menu is displayed in hive mode by default, i.e. all apps side by side and only icons to quickly move between them . But if we are not convinced by this mode, we can change it to list mode so that they are displayed in alphabetical order and with the name as well. To do this, we stay in the applications view until the option appears to change the view to list mode (or vice versa). Use different spheres throughout the day: Not everything we do during the day is the same. For example, our activities tend to be different while we are working/studying than when we have free time or are sleeping. For this reason, one can have several spheres to change throughout the day by sliding sideways. It is interesting to configure different spheres and switch between them depending on the time of day, also automatically.

The Apple Watch is a truly complete device. Its small size may not show it to the naked eye, but great things can be done with this small watch, it all depends on the applications with which we accompany it.

Pictures | Simon Daoudi and Daniel Korpai