Cutting out the background of any image to save the foreground is quite simple, even from mobile: both using apps and using the mobile browser. Easy, fast, in a few steps and without costing you a penny: we show you the best options.

Editing a person’s photo to remove the background has several uses; like moving that person from place to place just by pasting the silhouette on another photo or creating stickers for messaging apps, for example. This effect has been around for almost as long as photography has been around, although there’s no doubt that tools like Photoshop have made it easier. Even without using expensive programs: There are many tools that cut out the background in just a few steps.

background eraser

The Google Play Store has been filled with apps that promise to remove the background, but not all of them work with the same simplicity and effectiveness. With this first option that we have chosen for you, you will have access to different cropping tools that will allow you to remove what you do not want from an image.

The tools included in the app range from automatic cropping to manual cropping; be able to apply different levels in order to fine-tune the results. Perfect for beginners.

Background Eraser ( Background Eraser )

light background

With this name, everyone imagines what the application will do: remove unwanted elements from any image. For this, it offers us tools that we already know: automatic selector, manual, option to recover the modifications made, zoom and redo the brush to refine the edges of the deleted portions.

Erasing the background doesn’t involve too much mystery and allows you to remove all unwanted elements from a photo with just a little work. The results improve as we apply more patience and detail in the process.

light background

Adobe Photoshop Blend

This is our main recommendation for the task we have given ourselves: cutting out the background of the photographs. The problem is that it doesn’t just do that, so it might be an overkill application if you just want to cut out the background. Still, it’s worth using: the included ‘Cut’ option is extremely powerful, capable of even tapping into the background of a portrait if the person is well contrasted against the background .

Adobe Photoshop Mix offers manual adjustment, different levels of tool application, and can work in layers; allowing you to mix the cutout with another photo to your liking. It’s free, although you need to create an Adobe account. It takes some learning, but it’s worth a try.

Adobe Photoshop Blend

Cut out background without apps

That you don’t want to install any application to remove the background from your images? No problem, you can use the web browser for that. All you have to do is go to pages like upload the photo and the page will apply the crop filter, giving you an image with no background. It is valid for people and also for objects that are in the foreground.