Among the many uses that we give to our cell phone, one of the most common is the alarm clock: since the smartphone rests on our bedside while we sleep, it is very convenient to “ask” it to wake us up every morning. All terminals have this built-in function, but on Google Play we can find many other applications that also have this role.

Although one of the most popular, Timely closed a few months ago, we still have several great alternatives available to us. Next, we collect what, in our opinion, are the best alarm apps to wake up in the morning. If you use more, don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

google clock

We start, of course, with the proposal from Google, which, in addition to an alarm clock, includes the functions of a world clock, a timer and a stopwatch. It might be a clean design, but over time it has added some features (such as rest mode or integration with Spotify) that make it an option to consider. Of course, it’s possible to pair the Watch app with Wear OS devices to carry your alarms and timers to your wrist.

To concern


What makes this simple app special is that it includes its own songs to add as tones, so you can search by artists, genres, or moods, among others. It is possible to set days of the week for each alarm and define whether you want the phone to vibrate or the alarm can be snoozed. And it works without the need for an internet connection.

Mornify – Wake up to your music


A relaxing option is “Glimmer”, which gradually lights up the mobile screen and plays a sound of birds when it’s time to get up to simulate the sunrise. If the gradual increase in brightness does not wake you up, play a high volume alarm tone. It also includes a night mode which mutes the sound of notifications, disconnects the internet and dims the brightness of the phone.

Glimmer (luminous alarm clock)

Developer: vuxiaDownload it on: Google PlayPrice: FreeCategory: Lifestyle

Timy alarm clock

If you are one of those people who “accidentally” turns off your alarm and falls asleep, this app is perfect for you. To turn it off, you need to annoy funny characters (a cat, dog or rabbit) which have three difficulty levels, but you can unlock more. It also allows you to set multiple alarms or wake up to your favorite songs, and includes snooze function and independent volume control.


Sleep as an Android

As long as you leave your mobile near you when you sleep, the app will analyze the quality of your sleep, record your snoring and wake you up at the time it deems optimal. It includes alarms with natural sounds at a pleasant volume (birds, waves, storms …), but it also allows the use of playlists. And not to fall asleep, it has a CAPTCHA (Math, Count sheep, Shake the phone or QR Code) verification function.

Sleep as Android 💤 Sleep cycle monitoring


Not only does it turn your phone into a digital watch with a nice interface and various themes available, but it also includes stopwatch and countdown functions. In addition, it offers the possibility of waking you up with random music and tells you the temperature and weather. To turn off the alarm, you will need to solve math calculations or play a game.



It does not include a stopwatch, timer or world clock, but its alarm clock is one of the most original and effective. Because? Because in order for it to turn off, it forces you to take a photo, scan a QR code, solve a math puzzle, or take a walk. And if you prefer a lifetime alarm, the ‘Alarmy’ ones have a volume that will wake up the whole building.

Alarm – Smart alarm with music

Shake the alarm

Although it takes up just 5MB, this app allows you to wake up to music or a regular alarm which can only be turned off by shaking the phone, screaming or compulsively touching the screen. It even has a random mode so that every day it wakes you up in a different way. Once the alarm is deactivated, it offers you the weather forecast and the news of the day. Oh, and if you don’t turn it off, send a message to one of your previously defined friends.

Shake the alarm

Smart alarm clock

With the free version, you can turn off the alarm by pressing a button, solving a math problem, shaking the phone 10-50 times, or looking for a QR code or barcode to scan. In addition, the premium version (without ads) adds two more methods: draw a pattern and write a random word that includes eight symbols. It also allows you to customize the type of vibration, the alarm volume and the song you want to wake up with.

Smart alarm clock