We rarely see the internal celebrations and recognition that Apple does with its employees. We now have the opportunity to see one of them up close, thanks to one of the latest products launched by the company. To mark the launch of AirTag, Apple rewarded the work of its six original designers with this small prize.

A frame with six signed AirTags (and a gift)

In a small white frame and protected by glass, Apple has placed six AirTags around a seventh. While the first shows its white face, the one in the center shows its characteristic steel face. Around this layout are the names of the six AirTag designers.

Arian Behzadi, Christine Franco, Corey Wang, Frank de Jong, Marcel van Os and Nicole Ryan are the designers of Apple products commemorated in this framework. Each of the six designers signs one of the AirTags found inside. This photo comes from a post posted on LinkedIn by one of the designers, now deleted from their profile.

The photo is taken in Apple Park itself, inside and outside the “ring” in what could have been an internal ceremony at the company

Like other companies, Apple also commemorates other milestones internally. For example, when an employee exceeds five years in the company, he also receives a nameplate. Considering the high turnover of a high-tech company, spending several years there is quite an accomplishment.

Of course, it’s quite striking that the company created this framework for the six designers responsible for creating it. Among them we find industrial designers, interface designers and other elements that make up this locator beacon.