Maybe we don’t usually think about it, but we live a bit wrapped up in a tech bubble in which an Apple Watch Series 6 with a blood oxygen sensor feels normal to us, an iMac M1 with a processor based on innovation of the last 10 years of Apple or even think about what will be the next Apple Glass or even the Apple Car.

And this happens even if you are not computer scientists or are dedicated to it professionally. Even if you are interested in technology indirectly, it is certain that if you read these lines, you are more technologists than you think: either because you are interested in what you can achieve, or out of pure curiosity.

However, outside of our “frontiers” there are people who see technology as something they almost have a compelling need or cannot spend as much time on as those of us who are passionate about it. in this way. How do they experience what is daily for us with the news of technology?

They have never used a beta version but they know what an M1 chip is and they love the new iMac

In this week’s podcast episode, I speak with our colleague Miguel López, who in addition to writing in Applesfera is also a trainer at popular retailer Microgestió in Barcelona. With him we reviewed the latest news from the Apple world and the opinions of its customers – far from our tech bubble – where some answers will surely surprise you, although all are important: technology is ageless or more limits than the desire and the time we want (or can devote to it).

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