Games for Windows are coming to Google Play

For years, Google has looked at Windows with indifference, but that seems to have changed: Google was planning more interoperability between Android and Windows, in addition to the explosive news that Google Play Games has come to Windows, first as a closed beta. They weren’t long in coming: there are already Windows games on Google Play.

Google’s assault on Windows has already begun, and the major overhaul of Google Play which is active in a few countries includes its own section for Windows Games which in some cases does not go through Google Play Games for Windows, but is downloaded as a Lifetime EXE Installer.

Boy, there’s a Windows in my Google Play

Android games will arrive on Windows through the door of Google Play Games, but it will not be the only access point. Some games can be downloaded as EXE files, which install the game in the “traditional” way on the PC, with its installer and all.

When this happens, we will see the Download button on Windows in the Google Play listing, which shares importance with Install on Android, which corresponds to the back button. Lineage2M is a sample Windows game available on GooglePlay.

In games with a Windows version, two buttons appear: one to download for Windows and another for Android

The Windows Download button downloads the Lineage2MNU_PURPLE_Installer.exe file, which is installed in Windows like any other application. Purple is a gaming-focused Android emulator that counts Lineage2M among its supported games. In other words, in the case of Lineage2M, it is an Android emulator for Windows.

Google calls these games “local games”, those that are installed in the normal way, but they will not be the only ones that will be available. In the redesign of Google Play that is active in South Korea, we can see that they will be separated from what Google calls “Google Play Games on PC” games.

These Google Play Games for PC appear to work differently, probably being the same APK as for mobile or tablet, but they will run on the same emulated Windows system. Typically, emulation was handled by the new Google Play Games app for Windows announced by Google, since Windows 11’s Android subsystem doesn’t include Google services, at least for now.

The details are still a little hazy, but one thing is clear: Google Play will stop being an Android app store, and it will become a universal app store, including at least games for Windows, coinciding with its redesign. Even without the redesign, there are already Windows games like Lineage2M that can be downloaded.

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