We have already talked about Ring accessories on different occasions. Devices integrated into the connected home that allow you to remotely manage everything that happens, even in our absence. A management that until now could be done via the app from the mobile and from the computer … and we say until now, because from October 15, the support for PC is out of the equation .

From then on, anyone who uses the Ring app on both Windows and macOS will have to adapt to a new form of control. The app disappears and in order to be able to access the control and configuration of Ring tones, we will need to use the Ring website or the Ring – Always Home mobile app.

Via the web or via the mobile application

On the support page, Ring informs that as of October 15, 2021, the Ring desktop app for Windows and macOS will no longer be available and that anyone who wishes to continue to access connected ringtones via computer will have to do so via the Web Ring. com.

Thanks to the computer application for Windows and macOS, it will be possible, until October 15, to continue to access the following functions which, from that date, will only be accessible via mobile phone and via the Web:

Wired Video Doorbell Control Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 Control Ring Video Doorbell 4 Control End-to-End Video Encryption Amazon Geofence Account Linking

The Ring app for computers will stop working permanently and, with web support, the company is encouraging use of the Ring – Always Home mobile app, available for both iOS in the App Store and for mobiles. Android in the Google Play Store.

Ring – Always at home

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