Netflix has released an update to its app on all platforms. In this update, the application allows us to eliminate the content of the “Continue watching” line, to bring order to the series and films that we have started, but do not have access to. intention to finish.

Tidy up our list of pending content

Just as we can already do with the Apple TV app, Netflix now allows us to remove content from the “Continue Watching” list. This novelty reaches both the web and the app for Apple TV which, by its nature, is one of the reference points for the use of Netflix.

Going into the details of the episode or movie, we will see that the option “Delete from Continue watching” appears, which after a touch deletes the item from the list and goes to “Undelete”, in case we pressed it by mistake.

A very welcome novelty to be able to put order in our list of reproductions in progress. A list that is usually the reference to continue any movie or series where we left off, but that can accumulate content that we have started to see, beyond the trailer, and that do not was not to our liking.

Until Netflix integrates its application into the “Continue Watching” list of the Apple TV application, just as Disney+ or AtresPlayer already do, we will certainly appreciate being able to order individually within the application. A list of everything we need to be is clearly much more useful when it contains exactly what we really want to see.