We thought that summer was going to be marked by rumors about the already approaching iPhone 13, but no. We’ve gotten data from the upcoming iPhone SE, 14- and 16-inch MacBooks, a redesigned iPad mini, and even an Apple display with its own chip to stand alone no matter what device you connect it to. It has been a fun few days.

Now, the most recent are the clues that several independent sources bring us among them: the AirPods 3 could be presented with the iPhone 13 at an event that would be held in September. They say this of DigiTimes, but the leaks from Dylan and LeaksApplePro each corroborate it separately.

A common presentation that can hide surprises

Sources have shifted their bets on the release date of the AirPods 3 for several months, but it is perfectly logical that in the end, Apple ends up presenting them at the same time as the iPhone 13. The AirPods 2 were presented by surprise. , but the original AirPods appeared in the same keynote as the iPhone 7 (the first model without a 3.5mm jack).

Again, the sources speak of redesigned third-generation AirPods seeking to mimic the shape of the AirPods Pro but without having all of the features. Introducing them alongside a new iPhone could boost accessory sales, which Apple seeks to continue to accelerate the growth of this division. And who knows, maybe Apple takes the opportunity to point out that we could use the iPhone’s induction coil itself as a charging base for AirPods. This is already possible with the MagSafe battery, so technically there are no obstacles.

And since we are talking about the iPhone 13 (or ‘iPhone 12S’, we’ll see which name remains), we can end with another rumor in which it is suggested that the new phone will be able to charge at 25W. The current iPhone 12 can do this at a maximum power of 20W, provided you use a charger capable of operating at that power. This should result in a slight reduction in loading time.