All of the sitcoms that Apple has released on its streaming service have something that sets them apart, so they’re more than just a sitcom. ‘Acapulco’ has that good bilingualism that I talked about last week, ‘Central Park’ has its musical part while ‘Schmigadoon’ is a musical that sort of criticizes musicals… in Cupertino they want we were laughing and feeling something else.

This formula reaches its maximum exponent with “The Afterparty”, one of the most recent series on Apple TV+. In this document, two genres come together and not only do they coexist well, but one helps the other.

Solving a murder doesn’t have to be tense and dark.

‘The Afterparty’ begins with a premise that might well be typical of a movie starring Sherlock Hokmes or Hercule Poirot. A well-known singer is murdered in the middle of a party he was celebrating at home and with former students of his institute. Students and former classmates with plenty of reason to hurt him. The police burst into the house and the interrogations begin one by one. The culprit must be found.

Explained like that, it looks like we are facing a mysterious film, but no. ‘The Afterparty’ is above all a comedy that intertwines the backstories of each of the suspects. Each character has their character and background, and this affects the style of storytelling. There’s the romantic comedy, there’s the typical silliness of comedies like “American Pie,” and there’s a crime that motivates you to try to figure out who the culprit is before watching the season finale.

In other words, this series is a salad of comedy and mystery seasoned with hints of rogue laughter and romance. The result is a series that’s not only watchable and entertaining, but also hooks you. It’s one of those that you want to melt down in a weekend and make you want the next chapter to come out.