Running a shortcut quickly when we need it is becoming more and more important. Thanks to the flexibility offered by the shortcuts, we increasingly use them to perform certain tasks such as quickly adding events to the calendar or seeing the battery cycles of our iPhone, to name a few examples. So let’s see the fastest ways to run a shortcut on our iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Simple and fast execution

There are several ways to run shortcuts, all of which have pros and cons. From asking Siri to opening the app manually, there are several intermediate scenarios that can be useful in different situations and depending on how we use the shortcut in question. On iPhone and iPad, the fastest ways to run a shortcut are:

Ask Siri: A request as simple as “Hey Siri, run [nombre del atajo]” and the system will take care of the rest. Add the shortcut to the home screen: We can add any shortcut to the home screen, as if it were an application. to do this we will enter the edition of the shortcut, with the button of the three points we will touch the button in the form of settings at the top right and choose Add to home screen.After customizing the name and icon, touch Add to have more than direct access to running the shortcut. Use the share menu: In the shortcut settings, just below Add to home screen, we can enable Show in the share menu, ideal for quickly executing shortcuts that depend on previously selected content.Use widgets: Thanks to the Shortcuts widget we can execute different shortcuts from the home screen, it is true that they occupy a little more screen than adding them individually to the screen d host, but it could be an interesting option to collect a good number of them in a pile, for example.

Shortcuts are present in many parts of the system, ready to work as soon as we ask them.

On Mac we also have resources that we can use. That of running the shortcut via Siri is totally applicable, but we can also use these systems:

Use a keyboard shortcut: One of the fastest methods. In the preferences of all shortcuts, we can check Add keyboard shortcut to record a keystroke that executes the shortcut. A method that we can use from any application, without even interrupting the workflow. Use the Shortcuts menu: In the settings of each shortcut, we can mark Show in menu bar to create a list of shortcuts that will appear in the menu bar, below the Shortcuts app icon. From here we can run any shortcut from any part of the system, in fact we can run more than one at a time. Shortcuts in the Dock: From the Shortcuts application we can select any of them, go to the File menu and choose Add to Dock. With this we can execute the shortcuts very quickly, maybe even more than from the menu bar. Shortcuts in the Launchpad: The shortcuts we added to the Dock are also displayed in the Launchpad. A good place to go with a gesture to execute our favorite shortcuts at full speed.

There are still a few more options for running shortcuts. On Mac we can, for example, place them on the desktop. On iPhone and iPad we can also automate its execution. In any case, the ones we have just seen are the fastest ways to “manually” execute any shortcut.