Fagor announced the launch this week of a new advanced washing machine model called 4FE-8814 which incorporates the latest “smart” washing features and technologies such as automatic detergent dosing and shelf disinfection of clothes. ultraviolet and steam. .

We are faced with a front-loading model with a capacity of up to 8 kilos of load in its drum and which incorporates OptiDose technology to detect the degree of soiling of the clothes, the type of fabric and the actual load level, allowing to ‘adjust and dose the detergent by itself from a tank that we will have to fill and which offers a sufficient quantity for about 20 washes.

The washing machine will be available in two colors, white and stainless steel to adapt to any type of kitchen, and has a black panel and a touch screen with Full Touch electronic control.

With UV light and steam disinfection

One of the novelties of this model is that it has chosen to incorporate UV Hygiene technology, an ultraviolet light system that sterilizes and cleans clothes using this type of light radiation, eliminating, according to the manufacturer, up to 99.9% of viruses and allergens that we can wear clothes.

The integrated load meter is able to detect the exact load of laundry but also the power consumption required to wash it. Thus, it is possible to reduce energy expenditure by choosing a more efficient program. In addition, OptiTime technology is able to adjust washing times according to the amount of laundry in the washing machine.

And if we forget to include a garment at the last moment, the washing machine offers us the Add + function which interrupts the washing so that we can open the drum, add the clothes and then continue the cycle where we left it.

We also have the Steam Touch function, a steam cleaning system that, in addition to penetrating the fibers of the clothes to disinfect them, leaves them softer so that it is easier to iron them later.

Pricing and availability

The new 4FE-8814 washers are already on sale in Spain for a price of around 475 euros.

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