Now that you are the owner of a brand new iPhone, whether it’s an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or older model, it’s time to get it ready. There are a myriad of small tweaks, plugins, and widgets that are worth your attention, and their usefulness is improving dramatically by the day. Whether you are a beginner, an expert or just upgraded to the iPhone, read carefully because you will surely find some new tips for you.

Essential settings and utilities on your iPhone

With all the years the iPhone has under its belt, it’s easy to lose sight of what it can do for us. There are a series of small tweaks and very useful apps that will help us in our day-to-day life. We have started.

Automate dark mode on your iPhone

IPhone’s dark mode hasn’t been around for that long. More than a simple change of colors, it is a question of adapting the entire interface so as not to tire our eyes too much. In addition, third-party applications such as WhatsApp or Google Maps have been adapted for a long time.

You can automate dark mode on your iPhone like this:

Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Display & Brightness. In appearance, you can choose between light and dark.

But below, you can choose an automation to have dark mode turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. You can also personalize this calendar.

How to read QR codes without an app

The iOS camera has a built-in QR reader. This way, you don’t need to download an app to do it, which greatly simplifies the process. Just open the camera, point at the QR code, and you’ll see the URL you need to appear. Tap on it and you will go straight to that website.

Access a Wi-Fi network by scanning your router’s QR with iPhone

Now that we know how to scan QR codes with iPhone, we can connect to any Wi-Fi network that uses it. We take a router in our hands, we point the camera and it will automatically suggest to us to connect to the network with the iPhone.

Stop WhatsApp from flooding your photo and video library

There is a setting in WhatsApp that can cause your iPhone to fill up quickly. If this happens to you or if you don’t recognize photos and videos in your iPhone gallery, chances are you have it turned on. To avoid it:

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. In chats, make sure the Save in photos option is turned off.

Now nothing will be saved automatically in WhatsApp on iPhone.

Find out which WhatsApp conversations are taking up the most space on your iPhone

By continuing with WhatsApp, it is normal that over time we accumulate digital waste that takes up space on the iPhone. It doesn’t need to be uploaded to our photo library, as we already have it in the messaging app itself. To do the housework from time to time, we have a built-in tool that will help us:

In WhatsApp, go to Settings> Storage & Data. Enter Manage storage and you will see a detail of each of your groups and contacts, as well as the conversation occupancy.

Use Pocket to organize and store your favorite items

If you are an avid reader of the press, entertainment, or more serious publications, you’ve often wondered what to do with that article you’ve just read that you want to keep for future reference. We tend to think that when we need it we will remember its title and just search for it in Google, but this is not always the case.

Pocket is a free, cross-platform application that allows us to save and tag these articles. To have them safely and on hand whenever we need them. Download them here.

Use the native iOS translator

iOS comes standard with a very good translator. If we are going on a trip or want to have a conversation with someone from abroad whose language we do not know, you can help us understand us. This app transcribes the original and translated text on the appropriate sides of the screen, followed by the translated audio. It works completely offline and conversations remain private.

Always have your driver’s license on your iPhone with MiDGT

MiDGT is the official application of the General Directorate of Traffic. With him we can always take a copy of our driver’s license, as well as other things such as:

The points of the map that we have. The vehicles we have in our name. The date of the last ITV we spent.

The truth is, it is a very useful app. With it, we can forget to carry our physical card and get rid of the wallet almost forever. Download them here.

Your COVID passport always with you

You already know that you can download the COVID Certificate from the Ministry of Health to save it on your iPhone. But surely you didn’t know you could use Siri to show the COVID passport. A little tip for those who want to use it frequently.

Turn on iPhone privacy report

The privacy report is a feature added to iOS 15.2 that lets us know what apps we have installed are doing. This is a function that we need to activate and that after some time you will have analyzed what our applications are doing. To do this, go to Settings> Privacy> Privacy report and turn it on.

As soon as you use iPhone a bit, you’ll see how websites that use trackers appear, how apps access sensors, which access your contacts, and more. A most illustrative report.

The best extensions for Safari on iPhone

Safari extensions for iPhone can be a great ally when it comes to surfing the net. You will need to allow them individually from Settings> Safari> Extensions to be able to use them. We recommend that you try some of the more popular ones to see their potential:

Black: Convert all websites to dark mode whether they officially have it or not. Lazy Words: is an extension that allows you to choose a language you want to learn and substitute words in that language on the websites you visit. The idea is that you learn by osmosis. Examples: When you open a page in Google’s AMP format, it automatically reloads it with the real version. Apolesion is a plugin that we recently thoroughly tested and 100% recommend. Rearrange your tabs to automatically show the most recent ones. Super Agent: complete all cookie forms without your intervention. PrettyWeb: Create a different homepage than the one we have by default in Safari, with lots of customization options. 1Password – Safari’s built-in version of the popular password manager. Turn off lights: Brings videos on a website out as you watch them, darkening the rest of the page.

Utilities and personalization on your iPhone with widgets

Widgets can be very useful tools in our everyday life. They are simple “posters” which offer us information and which we can place on the home of the iPhone. This way, we receive updates to the apps that matter most to us without having to open them (they also serve as shortcuts). Here we have selected the most important widgets for your iPhone:

Countdown Widget Generator: Allows you to create a countdown timer for an event, including days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It has a lot of customization options if we pay for the premium version. Widgestsmith: With this app, many users have lost their minds when it comes to personalizing their iPhone. Very useful for programming widgets automatically, although with its possibilities comes great responsibility. Smart group: this is a widget that the iPhone has as standard and which learns from your use to place the most suitable at all times. We’ve got calendar locations, photo memories, battery indicator and your next date. Google Maps: the Google maps application has a few widgets, one to learn more about our environment and the other to quickly search. Home Widget: This is a widget for your HomeKit accessories and environments. Create a widget on your iPhone home and control them without having to enter the app. Launcher: it is an application that allows us to create shortcuts to our most used actions. Calling a family member directly by FaceTime or opening your favorite news website with one touch are some of the examples of what you can do. Weather: Another standard iPhone app, it tells us about the weather at our location. Smart Battery Widget: although the iPhone already has a battery widget, we will see with it a graph of how we use it and in which activities we use the battery the most. Files: Another widget that comes standard on iPhone, it will help you have recent files from your iCloud Drive at the touch of a button.

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