Taipei, DT.21
Tension between China and Taiwan is increasing day by day. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has claimed that tensions have escalated after two H-4 aircraft capable of carrying nuclear warheads from China flew south over Taiwan. Meanwhile, China is furious that the Baltic state of Lithuania has allowed Taiwan to open an office under its own name, and has threatened to cut political ties with Lithuania, a second-tier Baltic state.
Tensions between China and Taiwan have not eased for some time. China is trying to integrate Taiwan by showing it as its integral part, while Taiwan has declared itself an independent nation. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday that two Chinese H-3S planes violated Taiwan’s airspace by flying over the Bashi Channel. Both are lethal aircraft from China capable of dropping nuclear bombs. In an attempt to intimidate Taiwan, China has flown its fighter jets over Taiwan several times in the past.
Meanwhile, the Baltic state of Lithuania has allowed Taiwan to open an embassy in its country. China, which has a population of less than 3 million, has reduced its diplomatic ties with Lithuania to the diplomatic level in protest of the move. Simultaneously, China expelled the Lithuanian ambassador and recalled its ambassador.
Furthermore, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that there is only one China in the world and the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing the whole of China. Taiwan has no right to establish relations with foreign countries. It is part of China. Therefore, no country should interfere in its internal affairs. The one China principle has been unanimously accepted by the international community.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Lithuania still has a chance to correct its mistake. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring China. China can go to any extent for its defense and sovereignty. It doesn’t matter what Taiwan does. China has also threatened Lutherania of dire consequences.
Taiwan was politically separated from mainland China in the 19th century after a civil war. Taiwan has only 12 formal political allies, but through its trade offices it has informal relations with all major countries, including the United States and Japan. Most countries in the world have allowed Chinese Taipei to open offices in their own country.
Lithuania’s move reflects a growing interest among governments to improve relations with Taiwan. Taiwan is currently emerging as a major center for trade and high-tech industries. Furthermore, China has become even more vocal as the United States supports Luthenia’s move. Furthermore, Lithuania’s move could damage China-EU relations, as it is also an important EU partner.