– Bydgoszcz sees Russia at a time when China could be a real, present and future strategic challenge.

WASHINGTON: At a time when the US is focusing Russia on Ukraine, diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis have failed. Simultaneously, US experts are comparing the potential conflict between the US and Russia in European theater and the US’s role in the Indo-Pacific theater against it.

Experts are also discussing three questions in this regard at once. To what extent is it appropriate for the Biden administration to focus on the Russia-Ukraine conflict at a time when China is becoming a real challenger now and in the future? Indeed, from a geopolitical point of view, what does it mean for the Americas to move from the Indo-Pacific to Europe? Will Washington be able to meet multifaceted challenges? How will it affect Asian countries including India?

In this regard, California MP Raw Khanna of the US House of Representatives clarified that due to the rise of China, America should de-accelerate in this area.

At this point, it is worth noting that the US Congress has two very different views on Ukraine. Khanna supported the threat of sanctions against Russia, but warned of war, saying China was posing an economic and military threat. On the other hand, the United States should not fall into the trap of the Ukraine conflict that can ruin power when it is trying to invade Taiwan. He further said that in the context of China, we cannot fall into the trap of getting into any dispute. Now the question is whether to fight Russia or China or both Russia and China.

Khanna’s remarks have been widely criticized, but some experts, including former US Defense Secretary Albridge A. Colby, say that Khanna is right, with some saying that sending an ironclad message to Russia will help China deter America’s determination. Will trust. Sending an open message to Russia about Ukraine will make China stronger and more aggressive.

What should have happened, but the situation has become very serious. It cannot be denied that confusing things are happening.