Taipei China sent a fleet of 39 warplanes to Taiwan, its largest ever. Taiwan responded in its own way. China has been taking an aggressive stand against Taiwan for some time now.

The fleet sent by China on Sunday included 24 J-16 aircraft and 10 J-10 jets. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said other auxiliary aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft were also available.

The Taiwan Air Force landed in front of its own jet and followed the People’s Liberation Army aircraft through its air defense radar. For the past year and a half, Chinese pilots have been flying from Taiwan daily. The government of Taiwan has also been releasing figures. China has sent its largest ever fleet of 56 fighter jets to Taiwan, which were sent last October.

This type of activity is mainly found in the southwest airspace of Taiwan. According to the Taiwanese military, the area is an air defense identification area or is continuously monitored for national security.

Taiwan and China separated in 1818, but China still considers it its territory. As a result, Beijing politically, economically and militarily opposes any political action that recognizes Taiwan as an independent nation.

Beijing has been in turmoil since Taiwanese citizens elected anti-Chinese Tsai Ing-wen in 2016. China has since cut off all contact with Taiwan. The former president was known for his friendly relations with China and acknowledged China’s claim that China and Taiwan are one country.