We are used to new Telegram releases being loaded with news, but before this news reaches all users, it is tested before in the beta. Telegram Beta 7.9.0 for Android is no exception.

There are some interesting news that can already be tested in Telegram 7.9.0, such as video playback control, the ability to split screen during video calls between two people and other changes. Let’s see what they are.

Video playback speed

Telegram has allowed you to speed up playing audio clips for quite some time, but there was no option for videos. This comes in Telegram Beta, where you can play a cat’s videos at a faster or slower speed.

To use this function, you must first start playing a video, then use the ⋮ menu to press the Speed ​​menu. Telegram beta has five speeds to choose from, including normal: super slow, slow, normal, fast, and super fast.

Share screen in video calls

Telegram recently launched its hypervitamin group video calls, in which it was also possible to share the screen with the rest of the attendees. However, normal person-to-person video calls still did not include sharing.

This changes in the Telegram beta, although the way of sharing the screen is a bit peculiar. You need to start a call first and then stop the video then turn it on again and you will see a selector appear between the front camera, rear camera, and phone screen. It doesn’t seem to work at all in beta yet.

Floating video clips

A small change related to video clips, those that are sent by switching to camera mode by tapping once on the microphone icon and then recording. If you start playing a video clip and scroll down the screen, it will continue to play in a floating window.

Delete a month of history

Another small change, in this case related to the self-deletion of Telegram messages. Previously, you only had two time intervals to delete messages: 24 hours or a week. In the beta, there is a third option: one month. The access mode is the same as usual: from a chat, press ⋮ then tap Empty chat.

This news is now available in Telegram 7.9.0 beta for Android, which you can download in APK format from here. The Telegram beta is installed separately from the normal version and the two can coexist and work separately.

Via | Android Police