Telegram 8 Brings Unlimited Viewer Streams, Transfer Enhancements & More After Getting 1 Billion Downloads

While Telegram entered the select club of apps downloaded over a billion times ago a few days ago, the good news continues for the platform. WhatsApp’s main competitor continues to add features at an impressive rate. In Telegram version 8.0, among others, live broadcasts without viewer limits, improvements in messaging and prominent stickers are added.

When a platform stands out for its quality

Telegram version 8.0 is coming to further improve the experience of using the app. An experience that evolves in four key points: unlimited live streams, flexible transfer, skip to the next channel and better stickers.

Unlimited Live Streaming: Now we can stream videos and share our screen with unlimited viewers. We just need to play Videochat in a group or Live Stream in a channel where we are administrators so that everyone can see us, leaving no one behind. More flexible message forwarding: now by touching Resend Message we can preview or change the way messages will be sent. We can hide or show the name of the original sender, remove or keep comments on multimedia messages, and select or delete messages to decide exactly which ones will be forwarded. Switch to the next channel: Telegram channels become a great place to enjoy the news. With that in mind, when we come to the end of a channel, we can swipe up to go to the next channel with unread messages. Improved Stickers: Stickers are also getting attention in this update. Now we can see a featured sticker section in Recent. We can also locate our sticker packs more easily, since the enlarged thumbnails will be displayed on the top bar for convenience. Finally, when our interlocutor is looking for a sticker to send us, we will see “Choose a sticker”.

A little more subdued improvements include an unread comment counter for channels that have them activated, as well as new animated emoji. It is clear that Telegram’s approach is to offer more and better features than other services. A great way to differentiate yourself through quality.