Against all adversity, good vibrations. This is the maxim of Ted Lasso, both from the character and from the series that bears the same name. Yesterday, after months of nominations and accolades, we saw the long-awaited first episode of the second season.

The series gets right to the point, and this second season kicks off with a generous half-hour episode (were they that long before?) Of course, Lasso’s optimism is still present and intact.

“Football is life”

Good old Lasso returns to fight his own insecurities, in what is expected a season in which perhaps comedy ceases to be the absolute protagonist to delve deeper into the affairs of all the main characters.

The owner of the football club is no longer an enemy, but she still has headaches with her personal belongings. Lasso himself, as was the case in the past, doubts his own qualities after seeing how a new professional is able to better manage the morale of the players on the team. And these team players make accidents that, as we see in the first five minutes of the episode, make a dent.

We’ve only seen one episode so far (the second is coming next Friday), but for now we see a Ted Lasso who wants to continue to maintain the essence of the first season and at the same time spread awareness. its protagonists. There are many, but there are none left.

Better yet, this second season will have 12 episodes, two more than the previous one. We will have the good vibrations of the Lasso in our heads by October 1st.