Finally, the first watch with Wear OS 3.0 is among us, which Samsung calls “Wear OS Powered by Samsung”, under the new One UI Watch, and which combines the knowledge of the Korean firm and Google in a single operating system. for smart watches. And the first watch is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 which comes in two versions, the normal and the Watch4 Classic with a more elegant appearance.

As with each renewal, the Samsung Watch4 arrives more powerful thanks to a change of processor and an increase in its memories, but here new sensors such as the 3-in-1 chip have also come out, a bioactive chip that performs both electrocardiograms and measurements. of our body composition. Yes, the new Galaxy Watch4 is able to measure our body fat index and everything from the wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic datasheet

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Active

Dimensions and weight

44mm: 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8mm – 30.3 grams
40mm: 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm – 25.9 grams

46 mm: 45.5 x 45.5 x 11 mm – 52 grams
42mm: 41.5 x 41.5 x 11.2mm – 46.5 grams


44 mm: 1.36 inch, 450 x 450
40 mm: 1.19 inch, 396 x 396

46 mm: 1.36 inch, 450 x 450
42 mm: 1.19 inch, 396 x 396


5 nanometers Exynos W920

5 nanometers Exynos W920


Bioactive sensor

Bioactive sensor


4G, Bluetooth optional

4G, Bluetooth optional


WearOS 3.0 powered by Samsung
One user interface monitoring interface

WearOS 3.0 powered by Samsung
One user interface monitoring interface


44 mm: 361 mAh
40 mm: 247 mAh

46 mm: 361 mAh
42 mm: 247 mAh


Aluminum housing

Stainless steel case


From 269 €

From € 369

New brain with more power and similar autonomy

Samsung renews its range of smartwatches by introducing many changes in the new generation. The Galaxy Watch4 arrives in a regular version, with 40 and 42mm aluminum cases, and in a Classic version, with 42 and 46mm stainless steel cases. The Classic model also comes with a rotating bezel to interact with the watch. In addition, Samsung is taking the opportunity to make them slightly thinner than the Watch3 with 9.8 and 11 millimeters respectively for the normal and the Classic.

Speaking of screens, we have 1.36 inches in diameter for the larger models (44 and 46 millimeters in normal and Classic) and 1.19 inches in models with smaller bezels. Weight also varies depending on this size and design, being 25.9 grams in the 40-millimeter Galaxy Watch4 and reaching 52 grams in the 46-millimeter Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

On the power side, Samsung incorporates the first 5 nanometer processor for watches, its Exynos W920, into its new watches. The brand claims that the new Exynos W920 is 20% more powerful than the chip in its previous generation of watches, and that it also adds 50% more RAM in both smartwatches, which means better multitasking performance. And in terms of graphics? 10% more performance, always with the figures proposed by Samsung.

New Galaxy Watch4s are 20% more powerful and have 50% more RAM

Regarding the battery, each model includes a different number depending on the size of the sphere we choose to buy (40 and 44 millimeters in the normal, 42 and 46 millimeters in the Classic) but Samsung ensures that all offer around 40 hours autonomy with all active sensors. This translates into approximately two days of autonomy between charges, still with its proprietary charger as on previous generations.

The first watches with Wear OS 3.0 and the first versatile One UI Watch sensor

We come to the sensors and here we have to talk about the new Samsung bioactive sensor, not that it allows us to perform EKGs and, mindful of this, to measure our body composition. All this aboard a 3-in-1 sensor that can now measure our body mass index directly from the wrist, showing our weight percentage corresponding to muscles, skeleton and accumulated fat, in addition to telling us how much of water we accumulate. The sensor is also able to offer us our basal metabolic rate. Without a doubt, a breakthrough in health and sport.

Measurement of your basal metabolism, body mass index or level of fat accumulated on the wrist

In addition to this, the Galaxy Watch4 retains features from previous generations such as measuring blood oxygen saturation, our heart rate, or measuring sleep, which now also incorporates a snore detector to better assess our cycle. sleep. On board Wear OS, and covered with the new One UI Watch layer, there are a greater number of compatible applications, up to 100 measurable sports by default and functions such as installing applications on the watch directly. from the mobile, thanks to instant synchronization.

Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic versions and prices

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4

The new Galaxy Watch4 arrives in 4G and Bluetooth versions, and in various colors. The price also varies depending on the size of the case and the model we choose, and Samsung says they will be available for purchase from August 27, 2021. The announced prices for the Galaxy Watch4 are as follows:

Galaxy Watch4 BT 40 mm: 268.91 euros. 40mm Galaxy Watch4 4G: 359.81 euros. Galaxy Watch4 BT 44 mm: 298.91 euros. 44mm Galaxy Watch4 4G: 389.81 euros.

And for the Watch4 Classic, the following:

Galaxy Watch4 Classic BT 42 mm: 368.91 euros. 42mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic 4G: 459.80 euros. 46mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic BT: 398.90 euros. 46mm Galaxy Watch4 Classic 4G: 489.81 euros.