Teams is updated and allows you to merge video calls, both with the app and using the web browser

Microsoft is adding a new feature to the desktop version of Microsoft Teams. A new capability that allows a user to “group” a video call with another in progress, either at the group level or at the individual level.

We have seen other improvements in Teams and so, for example, it is possible to use a code to join a meeting or one that in the future will allow the application to adapt to the capacity of the network that we let’s use. As a result of this continuous evolution, now comes this further improvement.

We won’t miss any calls

The ability to merge calls is coming to Teams following the routing time set for Microsoft 365. An improvement that should be on the way over the next few weeks. This is an option already available in Skype for Business.

With this new feature, when users are immersed in one video call and have another online, they will have the option to merge the calls, whether they are individual or group calls.

According to Microsoft, the new feature was introduced as a result of user comments and suggestions. This new enhancement “allows users to combine their active, non-held, individual call with another individual call or group call.” A call that may already be active or a new call that we are going to make.

The feature is available for VOIP and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calls in Microsoft Teams and it can be enabled by entering call controls and clicking the “More options” button and then clicking the “Merge calls” icon.

For now, this feature is available exclusively for Teams users on the desktop version and using browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari. As of yet, it’s unclear when it will hit mobile devices.


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