During a conference in China, the manufacturer TCL showed all its innovations in terms of technology for its next televisions. Among the most notable are its first 8K-resolution OLED TV and a 75-inch microLED panel.

The company also took the opportunity to show off some of the prototypes it is working on, such as its 125-inch clear glass microLED panel and several flexible panels specific to mobile devices.

TCL’s first 8K OLED panel

The China-based company presented its first 8K OLED TV to the public on the market. And he does it in a somewhat special way. And what’s interesting about this panel is that it’s a 65-inch printed screen. Everything indicates that his more than seven years of panel printing technology research in collaboration with JOLED has paid off.

This OLED technology will compete in the most consolidated market at the moment, such as LG panels, or Samsung’s upcoming QD-OLED screens.

A 75-inch microLED TV

Whenever we hear more about microLED, the next miniLED step we just started seeing this year with QNED panels from LG and Neo QLED from Samsung, among other manufacturers. In this case, TCL shows its solutions in this type of technology.

The manufacturer presented for the first time its 75-inch microLED panel, with up to 600 nits of brightness and a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1440. As you can see, these are not very encouraging figures for the company. microLED technology, still remaining well below 4K and 8K resolutions. Everything indicates that there is still time to see more elaborate models that feature this technology.

This technology causes more headaches than expected for manufacturers, especially in sizes less than 100 inches. So much so that, according to Korean media The Elec, Samsung has abandoned the manufacture of 70 and 80 inch microLED panels indefinitely.

Another novelty that made people talk about this technology was its transparent glass microLED panel. During the event, the visual appearance of this panel was appreciated, presenting a diagonal of 125 inches. Rather, this technology will be used in an advertising field, as it can have a wide range of uses in this environment.

Date and availability

At this time, TCL has not given any information regarding the date and availability of its new products, so we will have to wait for the manufacturer to provide details on this. Currently the last thing that seems to be around the corner are your 8K QLED TVs with miniLED technology.

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