TCL has launched a webcam for use with televisions and it is because by taking advantage of the growing potential of these devices, it is no surprise that we can use them to make video calls or even watch videos on TikTok. A camera which receives the name of Full HD USB camera and which will also be exclusive for TCL televisions that work with Android TV or Google TV.

And is that although in the market we find some models of Smart TV with integrated webcam, it is not something too common, for which external devices, such as this camera in question, become important for those who want to use apps to make video calls.

We can cover it, so they can watch us

The TCL Full HD USB camera is a webcam that immediately stands out by the incorporation of a small sliding cover that will delight those who are more wary of privacy. A cover that is enough to slide to completely cover the lens, preventing the camera from seeing us and being protected from dust.

The camera in question allows video calls in FullHD resolution or what comes to the same, 1080p and offers a field of view of 70 degrees. It has a set of microphones responsible for reducing noise to improve the capture of our voice.

Using a magnetic crimp (TCL does not use a clip-on type), the Full HD USB camera attaches to the back of the TV, allowing it to be used on any size TV. To turn it on, simply connect it to a USB port on the TV with Android TV or Google TV and the system will recognize that it is connected.

Pricing and availability

The TCL webcam was first launched in the United States and is coming alongside the Series 6 and Series 5 TVs. It is priced at $ 79.99 and, as of yet, no one knows. not whether it will reach other markets.

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