Singer Taylor Swift is dear to her fans. This is why the singer has a very special musical thank you for her.

Los Angeles (AP) – American pop star Taylor Swift (31) returned with new music on the anniversary of the release of her hit album “Folklore” – as a thank you to her fans.

“To thank you for all you have done for this album, I would like to bring you the original version of ‘The Lakes’,” the singer wrote on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday.

A year ago, they fled together from the “real world” to a simpler place “with tall trees and salty air,” Swift says, thinking back to “folklore.” The surprise album with 16 songs and the bonus song “The Lakes” was released on July 24, 2020 in the middle of a pandemic year.

On their eighth studio album, with quiet singer-songwriter tracks, the versatile Jack Antonoff had worked among others. The singer and songwriter recently revealed in an interview with the music magazine “Billboard” that he produced the original song “The Lakes” in a large orchestral version, but then weakened it at Swift’s request. The hit album “Folklore” won Swift the best Grammy for “Album of the Year” this year.