Task Manager will show Edge processes independently with the arrival of Sun Valley

The task manager is the protagonist again and if a few days ago we saw how it has improved with the arrival of Eco mode, we must now talk about the integration with the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium which will take place with the arrival of Sun Valley.

The goal of this enhancement is to help users distinguish between the different processes that take place in Edge. Something that is due to the multithreaded architecture in the browser, which results in a lot of processes.

The processes will now be transparent

The goal of multithreaded architecture is to isolate browser processes and thereby improve security and reliability. In addition, with this system it is allowed that although one tab may show failures, in other tabs these are executed without problems. This is the positive part, but in return, users may not have specific knowledge about the resources and how the browser uses them.

That’s why Microsoft plans to introduce changes to Windows “Task Manager” with the Sun Valley update. It’s about how Edge uses resources in different tasks and whether these are more transparent to users.

To do this, the “Task Manager” will display a detailed view of the running processes of the browser. Your latest Windows screenshot shows browser processes, GPU, lock panel process, utility (plug-in) process, extension processes, and service name.

With the new configuration of the “Task Manager”, if we click on Edge, we will have access to the various browser processes. The main process can be expanded to see the other elements that make it up.

This is the method designed to find out how Edge is using system resources, especially in the circumstances where abnormal app operation is encountered.

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