Yesterday Apple released the second beta of iOS 15.4, macOS 12.3 and the rest of the systems. An update that, after the immense amount of news that we saw arriving in the first beta of the cycle, still brings interesting changes and improvements.

Various changes, adjustments and some new features

The one that is destined to be called “spring update” both for the number of novelties and for the dates on which it is expected to be released definitively, has already reached its second beta. A second beta with several changes of interest. Let’s review them all:

Getting ready for Tap to Pay: Just yesterday, Apple announced Tap to Pay, a new service that will turn iPhones into dataphones for contactless payments. Now, in this second beta version, we see that the necessary APIs are already in the system. The service requires a third-party app, so we can’t currently test how it works, but the software already has “PaymentReceived” interface sounds and images. Face ID unlock settings with mask: Apple added a message asking us to look down while unlocking. A message that will appear if we place our iPhone in front of our eyes, since the Face ID system requires visual contact to perform authentication. Captive network support in the HomePod: Graphical resources found in the system give us clues that we will soon be able to connect a HomePod to the internet via a captive network. A system that, to our knowledge, will use the iPhone to pass the authentications. Data Access from iCloud: In Beta 1, Apple included the ability to disable iCloud data access from This option disappeared in the second beta. We do not know the reason for this, but it may be because the development of this feature was still very early. Bluetooth bug fix: On some MacBooks, a bug related to Bluetooth can cause excessive battery consumption during sleep. In this second beta, Apple fixed the bug. More preparations for the arrival of driver’s licenses: in this second beta, the system includes phrases such as “Find out when your driver’s license or ID card is ready to use and get important updates on your ID card.”, alluding to his imminent arrival. United States.

Along with these changes, Apple also made other minor adjustments, such as adding the phrase “You cannot manage or cancel third-party purchases through the App Store. For more information, please contact the developer .” to the App Store Framework in preparation for the new payment systems in the Netherlands. A code mentioning “Manage my sports” also appeared in Apple News, further suggesting that Apple is considering integrating sports into the service.

As we can see, an interesting amount of news, especially considering the cumulative effect we have after the launch of the first beta. An update that, based on previous years, should arrive during the month of March or April.

Picture | Vanja Matijevic