He was a professional wheelchair basketball player, then an actor. The versatile Tan Caglar can soon be seen in the “In Allerfreund” hospital series.

Hildesheim (dpa) – For actor and comedian Tan Caglar, the Bible and the ARD “Tatort” were constant in childhood. Aged 41, he grew up in the Catholic town of Hildesheim. His parents came from Turkey as guest workers in the 1970s.

“My parents paid great attention to education and sent me to Catholic schools,” Caglar of the German news agency said. “In religious education, some teachers were amazed. I was perhaps the most Bible-proof Muslim in all of Hildesheim. “

His parents observed that the Germans went to church on Sunday mornings and watched the “crime scene” at night. The latter was also introduced to the Caglar family. “I thought Inspector Schimanski was great,” recalls the son of his early television experiences. In November, we see him in a Berlin “Tatort”.

The former pro wheelchair basketball player was even able to land a starring role in the ARD “In All Friendship” clinic series. From August 10 he plays the surgeon Doctor Ilay Demir. It was revolutionary that no actor was put in a wheelchair for the role, but was selected as a “true wheelchair user,” Caglar said.