Kabul, Ta. Sunday 29 August 2021

Of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan, Panjshir is the only province still outside the control of Taliban militants. There is still the rule of patriotic Afghans, not the Taliban. But the agitated Taliban cut internet, calling and messaging services in Panjshir province from Friday.

Panjshir is a stronghold of Afghan resistance against the Taliban, which is currently ruled by Ahmed Masood Jr., son of Sher-e-Panjshir. Panjshir is currently home to some of the biggest former military commanders fighting the Taliban who have not left the country. This includes big names like Amrullah Saleh, Acting President of Afghanistan, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, Defense Minister of Afghanistan. These people are planning to free Afghanistan from the grip of this terror.

All capture attempts fail

The Taliban had previously sent 3,000 Taliban fighters to Panjshir to capture the border on 23 August, but due to mounting international pressure, Taliban fighters have yet to attack Panjshir, but claim that the Taliban are fighting through peaceful means and negotiations. Wants to capture Panjshir through the medium. There are now fears that the Taliban may resort to violence to capture Panjshir.