Kabul, Ta. 3

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have captured the entire country in just a fortnight, but they have not been able to capture Panjshir province. A group of Afghans, led by former Vice President and self-proclaimed caretaker President Amarullah Saleh, continue to fight the Taliban. The Taliban are facing heavy losses in Kapisa province.

Afghanistan’s Panjshir province is presenting a major challenge to the Taliban. The Taliban, which has captured the whole of Afghanistan, has not yet been able to control it. On the contrary, they have suffered a lot here. Conflict between Afghan forces and the Taliban, led by former Vice President and self-proclaimed caretaker president Amarullah Saleh, Ahmed Masood, continues in Khost province’s Baghlan province and Kapisa province in Sanjan.

Meanwhile, heavy resistance from Afghan forces in Panjshir has forced the Sunni Pashtun group to retreat. In Panjshir, the Taliban violated the ceasefire and Afghan forces retaliated. Two days after the suicide attack on Kabul airport, Afghan forces retaliated against the Taliban. After the attack, Saleh called on the world to unite against terrorism. He said the Taliban say they have no affiliation with the Islamic State, but the Taliban have learned from their master Pakistan and they cannot deny their involvement with ISIS.