The captain of the hijacked Indian plane IC-814 believes that the Taliban are still the same after 20 years.

New Delhi: Afghanistan is occupied by the Taliban. The pictures that are coming out now show the atrocities of the Taliban. That’s why people are fleeing from Afghanistan to other countries. But India’s first encounter with Taliban terrorists was in 1999. When IC 814 was hijacked and landed in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 1999, the responsibility of providing security to the terrorists fell on the shoulders of Taliban militants.

Even today these pictures scare me. Captain Devisharan, who flew IC 814 during the 1999 Kandahar hijacking, had fond memories. According to Captain Devisharan, there is no significant difference between the 1999 Taliban and the present day Taliban.

Captain Devisharan was the captain of the IC-814 aircraft. During the hijacking of the plane, the terrorists attacked Devisharan’s neck and asked him to take the plane to Kandahar. Seeing the threat to the lives of the passengers, he contacted ATC and took the plane to Kandahar. The image that came before them after reaching Kandahar, for the first time, revealed the serious face of the Taliban.

The Taliban emerged as a supporter of the terrorists in this chapter. Talked to the Taliban with the terrorists present in the plane and provided them all possible help. Taliban terrorists were constantly moving around the plane carrying weapons. Seeing these Taliban terrorists, it seemed that they have no value in the lives of others.

The fear of the Taliban was the same at that time as well. The only difference today is that their numbers were less than they are today. However, even then they were as cruel as they are today. He said the Taliban were talking at that time about what they are talking about today. In other words, nothing has changed in Afghanistan in twenty years with respect to the Taliban.