Image of video posted on Taliban social media in which leader Abdul Ghani Baradar celebrates the victory of the Islamic fundamentalist group, August 16 | Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / IeaOffice

Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is one of the Taliban leaders, arrived in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, this Saturday (21) to begin training the new regime. He has been in the country since last Tuesday (17), but had remained in the city of Kandahar, where the Taliban were formed. The information comes from the G1 portal.

A report from Gazeta do Povo and the EFE Agency reported that Baradar is the most public face of the Taliban and will likely be announced as the next president of Afghanistan. Head of the group’s political bureau in Doha, Qatar, Baradar ranks just below Mawlawi Akhundzada, the Taliban’s supreme commander since 2016 and its highest political, religious and military authority.

Baradar, who is also a founder of the Taliban, was released from prison in Pakistan three years ago at the behest of the United States. He returned to Afghanistan after the collapse of Kabul and declared victory for the fundamentalist Islamic group after two decades of conflict.