(PTI) Kabul, DTE

The Taliban on Tuesday announced an apology for all, including its opponents, as it reshaped its image after horrific scenes of thousands of people stormed out of the international airport after the Taliban seized power in Kabul. He also invited women to join the government according to Islamic law, as he wanted to forget the plight of women under the previous Taliban regime. A Taliban leader showed his benevolent face as well as interviewed the female anchor. The whole world is shocked by this order of the Taliban. Yet those who have seen the previous regime of the Taliban still fear them.

Having captured most of Afghanistan’s cities without a fight, the Taliban have tried to present a modern image in contrast to their brutal regime in the late 1990s. But many Afghans are skeptical about his new image. The older generation is remembering the extremist ideology of the Taliban. Before the United States invaded Afghanistan, stone-pelting and public executions were common.

Enamullah Sanamgani, a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, has commented on the regime at the federal level for the first time. He said that all Afghans in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would be forgiven. Meanwhile, no major incidents of harassment or fighting have been reported in Kabul so far.

Emanullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, has indicated how he will rule nationally, despite the ambiguity of Tuesday announcing a public apology across Afghanistan.

Taliban leaders are still in talks with political leaders of the country’s former government. No official announcement of transfer of power has been made yet. Other Taliban leaders said they do not want to take revenge on the Afghan government or anyone who supports foreign forces. According to sources, the Taliban also has a list of people who want to cooperate with the government.

Samangani said women in Afghanistan have suffered the most in more than 30 years. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not want women to suffer any longer. He also invited women to join the system of government under Sharia law. He said that the structure of the government is not yet clear, but based on experience, I can say that it will be completely Islamic-led and all parties will be involved.

This time it has surprised everyone. This attitude of the Taliban shows that this time it has adopted a softer mood than before and has shown a tendency to compromise with the radical attitude. However, only time will tell whether this is just a statement issued by the Taliban or whether it is to be implemented on a real basis.

Meanwhile, Ajmal Ahmadi, the acting governor of Afghanistan’s central bank, has also fled the country fearing the Taliban. As a result, there has been a record decline in the Afghan currency in the country. According to Bloomberg data, the Afghan currency closed down 1.6 per cent against the dollar on Tuesday at 8.2018.