Kabul, Thursday 12 August 2021

The Taliban could gain a share of power in Afghanistan. The Afghan government’s mediators made the offer during peace talks with the Taliban. Power-sharing has been proposed by the Afghan government in exchange for stopping the violence. Afghanistan had made this proposal during a meeting with the Taliban in Qatar. The news agency AFP gave this information on Thursday. “Yes, the government has offered this to Qatar, which is acting as a mediator in talks with the Taliban.” Under the proposal, the Taliban are offered a stake in the government if it stops the violence.

The Taliban have gone on the offensive since the withdrawal of US forces and have so far captured the capitals of 10 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces in the wake of the violence. On Thursday, the Taliban captured the city of Ghazni, just 150 kilometers from the capital Kabul. Since then, there have been growing fears that the Taliban will take over the country. Officials have expressed concern since the Taliban captured Ghazni, seen as the gateway to Kabul. An Afghan government spokesman also confirmed that “the enemy has captured the city.”

The Taliban have taken control of the northern and western parts of Afghanistan. And now it is moving south. The Taliban were offered talks several times by the Afghan government, but they refused. The Taliban said that any talks can take place only if President Ashraf Ghani resigns. The withdrawal of US troops from Washington was announced in May this year. Violence in Afghanistan has increased dramatically since then.