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State Road man arrested for allegedly slashing tires

A Manomet man, 24, was arrested after allegedly slashing the tires of a female acquaintance’s car, early Friday morning. According to Captain John Rogers, police were called around midnight after a report that one tire had been slashed on the alleged victim’s car, he then returned and reportedly slashed two more tires. Police spotted him driving on State Road and pursued him until he hit a pile of logs on Cape Cod Avenue, damaging both his front tires, Rogers said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Suspected B&E at Pinehills clubhouse

Someone may have broken into the Stonebridge Club at the Pinehills just after midnight on December 2. According to Capt. John Rogers, four Christmas ornaments were found on the walkway, but otherwise nothing as taken. It is believed entrance was gained through an open window. Last week, exterior lighting at the club was smashed by suspected vandals. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED:Spray-painting spree on Winthrop Road

Two cars were the victims in a vandalism spree on  Winthrop Road sometime Wednesday. According to Capt. John Rogers, the two cars were spray-painted with obscene words or images with what appeared to be the same color paint. The paint was stolen from a third car, Rogers said. The thief did not, however, vandalize that car. According to resident Trevor Dean, vandals also struck Cape Cod Avenue. Continue Reading →

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