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Blowing sand and parked cars causing hazards near Taylor Avenue bridge, residents say

A fire hydrant covered in sand.

Having torn down a pair of houses next to the Taylor Avenue bridge in order to improve access for both public works and public access, some White Horse Beach property owners are now witnessing some unexpected consequences. Sands of  White Horse Beach Association president Christine Bostek told the Manomet Village Steering Committee that sand blowing off the beach was causing a safety hazard, as it went into the road and even covered up a nearby fire hydrant. The house, she said, had served as a barrier keeping the sand in place. (more…) Continue Reading →

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DPW taking steps to get Taylor Avenue repairs under way

Slow progress is being made towards a start date for the Taylor Avenue Reconstruction project. Residents can expect meetings to be held this spring by both state and local officials about what to expect when the $5 million dollar project finally gets underway, according to Public Works Director Jonathan Beder. Beder didn’t know exactly when the meetings would happen, but he said that town meeting would likely be held after Memorial Day. Feedback from White Horse Beach residents told him that it would be best to wait until seasonal residents start arriving. He said he advised state officials to also wait until then. Continue Reading →

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State responds for call to speed up Taylor Avenue repairs

There might be a glimmer of hope that the reconstruction of Taylor Avenue is coming a little sooner, according to Town Manager Melissa Arrighi’s report to the Board of Selectmen. In early March, Department of Public Works Director Jonathan Beder wrote State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack noting the Taylor Avenue bridge was in dire condition and asking for the bridge work to be down now.  Pollack has replied, saying her department may advance to project to the 100 percent design phase. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Taylor Avenue bridge’s condition raises concern

It’s not a very big bridge, in fact some people driving over it may not even realize it is one. But the the span that crosses the brook that runs from Bartlett Pond into Cape Cod Bay was built in 1935 and, according to some White Horse Beach residents, it’s showing its age. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Paving scheduled for Taylor Avenue

Crews are expected to start paving Taylor Avenue this Thursday in an effort to keep the road from further damage this winter, according to Public Works Director Jonathan Beder. “I’m real nervous about that road falling apart,” he said. The road, he noted, doesn’t drain properly, The work is temporary and will hopefully keep it together until the state-funded reconstruction begins, he added. (more…) Continue Reading →

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