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Bergamo named to Roger Williams Dean’s List

Alexandrea Bergamo was named to the Roger Williams University Dean’s List for the Spring 2014 semester. Full-time students who complete 12 or more credits per semester and earn a GPA of 3.4 or higher are placed on the Dean’s List that semester.   Continue Reading →

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Two graduate from Roger Williams University

<p dir=3D”ltr”>Luke Pezanko and Spencer Withington were among more th=
an 1,100 students from <a class=3D”zem_slink” href=3D”
;q=3D41.6495055556,-71.2605638889 (Roger%20Williams%20University)&amp;t=
=3Dh” rel=3D”geolocation” target=3D”_blank” title=3D”Roger Williams Univers=
ity”>Roger Williams University</a> to receive their degrees during=
the University&#39;s Commencement ceremony held on May 19, 2012.</p=
<p dir=3D”ltr”>Pezanko received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psycholo=
gy.&#0160;Withington received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing=
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