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Manomet man arrested for armed robberies in North Plymouth, Plymouth Center

A Manomet man is in custody in connection with a trio of armed robberies that happened over the weekend. Joshua Duggan, 37, was picked up by police at the Plymouth District Court, Monday afternoon, according to Captain John Rogers. He was, Rogers said, there on an unrelated matter. Duggan’s last known address is a home on State Road in Manomet. (more…) Continue Reading →

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White Horse Beach woman arrested for OUI after crash

A tw0-car crash in Plymouth Center lead to the arrest of a White Horse Beach woman for drunk driving, Wednesday night. According to Captain John Rogers, Carol Corsaro, 49, of Brian’s Way pulled out of from Lothrop Street, she strayed into oncoming traffic, allegedly hitting a driver traveling north on Water Street. Corsaro allegedly exhibited signs of intoxication and was placed under arrest. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Manomet man arrested after throwing cigarette, clothing rack at cop

A Manomet man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted a police officer multiple times on the Plymouth waterfront, Thursday night. According to Captain John Rogers, an officer approached a man who was yelling and screaming on Water Street at around 9 p.m.. When the officer told the man to put out his cigarette, he instead allegedly threw it at the officer, Rogers said. The cigarette reportedly hit the officer, injuring him slight. Anthony Rodrigues, 24, of Everson Avenue then allegedly punched the officer and fled into a nearby store. Continue Reading →

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Pinehills man charged with assault

A Pinehills man is facing charges after allegedly threatening two people with a knife at a sober home Plymouth Center, Monday evening. William Fitzgerald, 53, of Clam Pudding was ejected from the home when he reportedly failed a breath test, Captain John Rogers said. He then returned to the home and entered the kitchen through an open door. There, Rogers said, he allegedly found a kitchen knife and threatened two 34-year-old men who worked there. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Pinehills man arrested for kicking a cop

A 28-year-old Pinehills man was arrested on multiple charges following an incident in Plymouth Center, Saturday afternoon. According to Captain John Rogers, police were called to the Pillory Pub on Water Street to remove an unwanted guest. When they arrived, they found Matthew Wyman of Grey Shale being belligerent and swearing, Rogers said. When police attempted to arrest him, he allegedly spit at, and kicked, the officers. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Local man arrested for OUI near restaurant

A White Oak Drive man was arrested for drunk driving near Plymouth Center, early Saturday morning. According to Captain John Rogers, police spotted Jay Davies, 21, take a left onto Samoset Street from Court Street with signaling. The officer reportedly stopped him by Papa Gino’s. Upon investigation, the officer allegedly found Davies was drunk. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Two arrested for fight on School Street

Two Manomet men were arrested for fighting in Plymouth Center early Sunday morning. According to Captain John Rogers, members of the Plymouth Police street crimes unit doing surveillance in the School Street area came upon four men, two of whom were fighting, while the other two were urinating in public. (more…) Continue Reading →

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