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WICKED LOCAL: Planning Board OKs permit extension for 16 new Manomet apartments

More affordable housing is on the way for Manomet. Located several blocks from the intersection of State Road and White Horse Road, the new Village Open Space Development will feature four market rate units and 12 affordable units, along with the seven existing rentals on the site. Read more at Wicked Local. Continue Reading →

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Parking concerns raised as Simes House manager seeks zoning change (with poll)

Efforts to rezone the Simes House met local opposition and a less than enthusiastic Planning Board, Monday night. Members of Manomet Village Commons Incorporated, the nonprofit that has a contract to operate the home, have insisted that a zoning change is needed to make the project financially viable. (more…) Continue Reading →

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WICKED LOCAL: Plymouth Planning Board says no to Long Pond Road cell tower

Plans for a 180-foot-tall monopole cell tower off Long Pond Road didn’t gain much traction last week from Planning Board members who said it isn’t needed and is just too tall. Now it’s up to the Zoning Board of Appeals to decide if the project moves forward. Read more at Wicked Local.   Continue Reading →

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Too many new homes on historic road for Planning Board

Plans for a small housing development on a historically significant parcel of land in Manomet met opposition from neighbors and skepticism from the Planning Board. Nancy Nolan, who owns 20 Brook Road, located near the northern end of the street, is proposing to build five single family homes, or two single family homes and two duplexes, on the 2.8 acre property. The property was once owned by Robert Bartlett, who came to Plymouth in 1623, according to Jan Rushforth, who once owned it along with her husband, the late Dr. David Rushforth. Nolan’s representatives brought the project before the Planning Board Monday night. (more…) Continue Reading →

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CANDIDATE QUESTIONS: Bart Foley for Planning Board

What changes do you think should be made to Plymouth’s master plan or its zoning bylaws? Plymouth’s zoning bylaw and master plan should not be viewed as static documents but guidelines that should be constantly reviewed and updated as Plymouth grows and evolves. While they provide much needed rules for development in Plymouth, there should be opportunities, as long as the impacts to the Town and village centers is positive. Do you favor keeping or changing the Community Preservation Act? I am in favor of keeping the Community Preservation Act but I would like to see more emphasis on affordable housing and historic preservation. Continue Reading →

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School department wants to put LED sign at Plymouth South High School

Electronic sign at Plymouth North High School

The new Plymouth South High School may also get a new sign, Town Meeting willing, that is. Superintendent Gary Maestas came before the Planning Board Monday night looking for backing of a Town Meeting article that would permit an electronic signboard near the entrance to Plymouth South High School. Installing a sign would require a change to town zoning bylaws, which needs approval from Town Meeting. (more…) Continue Reading →

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On the Agenda for the week of January 3, 2016

Monday, January 4
Planning Board, 7 p.m. at Town Hall

7:05 pm Public Hearing: Pinehills LLC, Station Drive and Peddlers Way
7:15 pm Public Hearing: Amend Zoning Bylaw – Section 205-19, To allow School Information Display Boards at High Schools

Tuesday, January 5
Affordable Housing Trust, 8 a.m. at Town Hall

Review and discuss draft RFP for development of lot at 17 Cutter Drive. Update on April Town Warrant requesting transfer of ownership of tax title properties (2106 State Road, 31 Strand and 227 Long Pond Road) to the Affordable Housing Trust for purpose of creating additional affordable housing. Conservation Commission, 7 p.m. at Town Hall

7:20 PM Alan Cohen, 71B Taylor Avenue, Parcel ID 045C-000-036-000. A Notice of Intent to upgrade a septic system within a coastal dune system and a FEMA velocity zone of White Horse Beach. 7:25 PM Constance O’Reilly, 69B Taylor Avenue, Parcel ID 045C-000-128-000. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen, Planning Board looking for committee volunteers

The Board of Selectmen is looking for volunteers to serve on a number of town boards and committees. Positions include a seat on the Manomet Village Steering Committee, a White Horse Beach representative on the Natural Resources and Coastal Beaches Committee and three seats on the Nuclear Matters Committee. (more…) Continue Reading →

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On the Agenda for the week of May 3, 2015

Monday, May 4
Memorials Advisory Committee,  6 p.m. at Town Hall

6:45 P. M.   Review and discussion of Memorial Application for a granite bench to be located at The Point, Manomet to honor Stuart Cameron   date of death July 6, 1985. School Committee, 6 p.m. at Manomet Elementary School

7:40 p.m. School Improvement Plans: Manomet Elementary School

Planning Board, 7 p.m. at Town Hall

B581 – Waverly Oaks RDD – Plan and Covenant Endorsement
7:30 p.m. Public hearing:  Roads Advisory Committee/Ship Pond Road Paving
7:40 p.m. ZBA 3783 – Susan Higgins, 9 Highland Ave, Map 46, Lot H-W, Special permit to waive rear setback requirements in order to replace an existing garage

Tuesday, May 5

Board of Selectmen, 5:30 p.m. at Burial Hill and Town Hall

7:25 p.m. Joint meeting – Building Committee and Plymouth South High School
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UPDATED: Local candidates filling town election ballot

With the deadline to return papers only days away, several local people have taken out papers for town-wide office in the May 9, 2015 town election. Jay Ferguson of Old Beach Road and incumbent Dennis Begley of Ship Pond Road are both running for School Committee. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Parker pushes plan to use development rights to fund Simes House

Town Meeting Member Randy Parker’s plan to use the zoning bylaws to generate revenue for the Simes House met with what might be called supportive skepticism from the Planning Board, last Monday night. Parker is scheduled to formally present the plan on September 15. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Pinehills introduces latest building plan

The Planning Board approved the Pinehills plan to build an 80-unit assisted living facility. Pinehills LLC President John Judge told the Planning Board that a center like this has always been in the company’s plans. The new building will be located at the corner of Landmark and Golf Drives, next to the Mirbeau Hotel and Spa, which is currently being built, and Village Racquet and Fitness. Northbridge Companies, which runs the Stafford Hill Assisted Living Center on South Street, will build and operate the new facility. Tony Green of the Green Companies, called Northbridge “the right match” for the Pinehills. Continue Reading →

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On The Agenda for the week of November 25

On the Agenda is a weekly list of town meetings that include topics that may be of particular interest to residents of Manomet and the Pinehills. Monday, November 26
Nuclear Matters Committee, 7 p.m. at the PACTV offices, 4 Collins Avenue

Tuesday, November 27
Pole petition hearing, 4 p.m.  at Town Hall. Hearing covering the installation of one pole on Beaver Dam Road. Board of Selectmen, 7 p.m. at Town Hall
Appoint Peter Denehy as Natural Resources and Coastal Beaches Designee on White Horse Beach Parking Committee. Continue Reading →

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Neighbors voice opposition to latest Pinehills project (with video)

As Planning Board Chairman Marc Garrett pointed out, the Pinehills’ latest proposed development is a first for the decade-old community. It’s the first that abuts a neighborhood that isn’t part of the Pinehills. And the Planning Board and Pinehills residents heard from those residents. (more…) Continue Reading →

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On the Agenda for the week of November 19

Monday, November 19
Manomet Elementary School Council, 5:30 p.m. in the Manomet Elementary School Library

Planning Board, 7 p.m. at Town Hall

Pinehills LLC – Ridgeview Modification Endorsement
Pinehills Master Planned Community Mainstone Blvd, Boatwright’s Loop and Sandybanke Subdivision creating new residential roads, south side of Clark Road. Judith DAngelo, 83 Asiaf Way, Special Permit to create two 15,000 sq. ft. residential lots. Nicholas Sivieri, , Hillside Estates (off Shallow Pond Lane), Status of unfinished work. Continue Reading →

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Pinehills planning new project behind Clark Estates

A new Pinehills development, if approved, would be within throwing distance of the Clark Estates development off Clark Road. Dubbed “Boatwright’s Loop,” the new project will officially be presented to the public at the November 19 Planning Board meeting. Plans for the project show 82 lots and a buffer zone between Fairview Lane and the new location. The project is tucked in between Fairview Lane and Clark Road across from the Pinehills. Planning staff did not know what kind of houses would be built on the site. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Pinehills hotel leaps another hurdle

The Planning Board gave its blessing to plans for a 50-room hotel of Landmark Drive at the Pinehills. Gary Dower, principal of the Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, N.Y. outlined plans for the project and touted his company’s success.  Plymouth has “fabulous amenities” and is well-situated between Providence and Boston to host a destination resort. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Latest Pinehills project close to the road

<p><a class=3D”asset-img-link” href=3D”http://manometcurrent.typep=” style=3D”display: inline;”=
><img alt=3D”IMG_1735″ class=3D”asset asset-image at-xid-6a0147e2e64=
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35″ /></a><br /><span style=3D”font-family: verdana, gene=
va; font-size: 8pt;”>Photo by Matthew Nadler</span></p>
<p><span style=3D”font-family: verdana, geneva; font-size: 8pt;”&g=
t;Dan Green, of the Green Company, shows what a house in the Pinehills late=
st development might look like.</span></p>
<p>Drivers passing by the Pinehills along Clark Road see the signs at=
the entrances and trees that hide mostly hide what=E2=80=99s behind them. =
That is going to change.</p>
<p>The next area being developed is right along that road, in the &lt=
;a href=3D”
ts+02360&amp;gl=3Dus&amp;t=3Dm&amp;z=3D16″ target=3D”_blank”&gt=
;area</a> between Market Crossing and Landmark Drive, two of the stre=
ets that lead into the development.&#0160;</p>
<p>The Green Company will develop what is expected to be 31 duplex ho=
mes on five acres of land. According to Dan Green, speaking to the Planning=
Board Monday night on behalf of his family=E2=80=99s company, explained th=
e houses will be built 150 feet from the road, hidden behind the trees. The=
trail system that cuts through the Pinehills will extend into it. &#01=
<p>If the new development goes well, Green said, &#0160;other are=
as along Clark Road will be considered for new construction, while addition=
al commercial and retail uses will fill some of the land between it and the=
Village Green.</p>
Continue Reading →

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Village Crossing gets OK

<p dir=3D”ltr”>Two weeks after refusing to grant the project any more=
building permits, the Planning Board gave the go-ahead for developers to c=
omplete the Village Crossing development off Beaver Dam Road.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>The project has been plagued with drainage problems, a=
nd at the board=E2=80=99s April 2 meeting, Matthew Watsky, the lawyer for V=
illage Crossing, presented a plan which had been worked out with the town t=
o fix the problem. However, after objections to several residents, the boar=
d voted 3-2 to withhold granting more permits until their concerns were met=
. Those who spoke voiced concerns about the density of the project and the =
<p dir=3D”ltr”>At the board=E2=80=99s April 18 meeting, Watsky offere=
d a revised layout for the development, which moved &#0160;some of the =
proposed units to new locations on the site. He added that the project engi=
neer determined &#0160;the change would have a minimal impact on the si=
te=E2=80=99s drainage. Plymouth Planning Director Lee Hartmann added that s=
trategies had been developed to deal with the drainage problems, but those =
couldn=E2=80=99t be dealt with until the final phases of the project got th=
e &#0160;Planning Board=E2=80=99s approval. Continue Reading →

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Plan to split Bay Colony Drive lot gets skeptical review

Planning Board members are divided over a proposal to split a single-family lot off Bay Colony Drive. Engineer Mark Flaherty presented the plan on behalf of the property owner, Susan Meharg. He explained that his client was interested in splitting the 84,000 square foot lot in two, with 50 feet of frontage off Bay Colony Drive. That arrangement would fit under the town’s rural density development bylaw, he said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Waverly Oaks owner presents housing plan for site

Waverly Oaks is considering going with plan B. Or maybe it’s plan A.
With the Plymouth Rock Studios project in limbo, Mark Ridder, owner of the golf course, came before the Planning Board Monday night to reintroduce a development plan he had originally brought before the board in 2008. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Appointments made to Manomet Village Steering Committee

There will be a new face on the Manomet Village Steering Committee. The Planning Board voted Monday night to appoint Richard McGuiness, a resident of Early Red Circle,  to fill the unexpired term of Dennis Lassige, who recently resigned. McGuiness' term runs until June 31, 2012. The board also voted to return a pair of familiar faces, James Hoagland and Randy Parker, to their spots on the steering committee. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Planning Board wants action on Village Crossing drainage problem

Members of the Planning Board are losing patience as plans to resolve drainage and flooding issues at the Village Crossing development remain stalled.To spur action, the board voted to withhold the remaining building permits for the project.Matthew Watsky, the attorney representing the project, told the board that, having met with town officials, the developers had concluded that, rather than simply build new retention basins, Village Crossing should proceed to completion, which, he said, would mean less water runnoff onto Beaver Dam and O’Toole Roads.Planning Board members were expecting to hear a plan to fix the problem. The developer had already received two extensions. (more…) Continue Reading →

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