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Pine Hills crash sends three to hospital

Three people were taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth with minor injuries following a head-on collision Saturday on State Road. According to Captain John Rogers, a car driven by a 48-year-old Pembroke man traveling north near the Pine Hills, at about 1 p.m.  was hit head-on by a southbound vehicle that reportedly drifted into the other lane. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Plymouth man arrested for OUI after stopping in Pine Hills

A North Plymouth man may have picked a bad time to run out of gas. According to Captain John Rogers, police found David Barker III, pulled up on the northbound side of State Road in the Pine Hills, Friday night around 8:45 p.m. His front wheels were on the grass and his rear wheels were in the road, Rogers added. (more…) Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Insects to blame for dying pines, state planning to take down dead trees off Route 3

The stand of dead evergreens lining exit 3 of Route 3 in the Pine Hills are slated to come down in the near future, according to a spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. An insect called the red pine scale is culprit, according to Plymouth Parks and Forestry Superintendent Ted Bubbins. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done to stop it, he said. On top of that, the weakened trees attract the attention of pine-borer beetles, which further weakens them, he added. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Brush fire burns in the Pine Hills

<p><a class=3D”asset-img-link” href=3D”http://manometcurrent.typep=” style=3D”display: inline;”=
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33″ /></a><br /><span style=3D”font-family: verdana, gene=
va; font-size: 8pt;”>&#0160;A forest fire burns over the Pine Hills =
Sunday evening.</span></p>
<p><span style=3D”font-family: georgia, palatino;”>A brush fire=
burned about four acres of the Pine Hills, Sunday with the smoke visible f=
rom Route 3 and other points in town.</span></p>
<p>According to Deputy Chief Michael Young, four town brush breakers =
and four fire vehicles, based in Myles Standish State Forest, from the stat=
e <a class=3D”zem_slink” href=3D”” rel=
=3D”homepage” target=3D”_blank” title=3D”Department of Conservation and Rec=
reation (Massachusetts)”>Department of Conservation and Recreation</a=
> were called in to fight the blaze. The first call came in around 6 p.m=
. and firefighters were on scene until 11:30 p.m.</p>
<p>The cause of the fire is unknown. Young noted it was located in a =
remote area of woods with no paths into it. The location of the fire was ap=
proximately north of Beaver Dam Road, in the vicinity of Craig Street. Continue Reading →

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