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Fox 25 News: Road race participants fighting to get refunds after last minute cancelation

Jennifer Mcalinden planned to run her first half marathon near her home in Plymouth, but when the old sandwich road race abruptly canceled she needed a backup. The Old Sandwich Road Race was scheduled to be and end at Plymouth South High School on June 4, but the day before an email from event organizers Plymouth Rock Racing said it had been “postponed due to the availability of the venue (construction).” Read more at Fox25Boston.com. Continue Reading →

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Marathon champ set to compete at Old Sandwich Road Race

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itle=3D”Moninda Marube” /></a></p>
<p>The competition at the Old Sandwich Road Race has gone up a notch =
as Moninda Marube of Kenya has entered the field for the half-marathon on S=
unday, June 3.<br /> <br /> Marube is the winner of the 2010 &l=
t;a class=3D”zem_slink” href=3D”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Rock_Ma=
rathon” rel=3D”wikipedia” target=3D”_blank” title=3D”Little Rock Marathon”&=
gt;Little Rock Marathon</a> and has run several &#0160;prestigiou=
s running events, such as the Santa Barbara International Marathon, the Met=
roPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon, and the Waddell and Reed Kansas City Mara=
thon. And he is the first Kenyan, a nation=E2=80=99s whose distance runners=
are world renowned, to enter the Old Sandwich Road Race.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr” style=3D”text-align: left;”>=E2=80=9CThe Kenyans are t=
o distance running what the New York Yankees are to baseball, what the Bost=
on Celtics are to basketball=E2=80=94they are a running dynasty,=E2=80=9D S=
teven V. Dubin, Old Sandwich Road Race communications director, said &#=
0160;=E2=80=9CMoninda=E2=80=99s participation in this race shows you how fa=
r the Old Sandwich Road Race has come in just a few years.=E2=80=9D&#01=
<p dir=3D”ltr” style=3D”text-align: right;”><span style=3D”font-fa=
mily: verdana, geneva; font-size: 8pt;”>Kenyan Moninda Marube<br /&gt=
; will compete in Sunday=E2=80=99s <br />Old Sandwich Road Race Half =
<p dir=3D”ltr” style=3D”text-align: right;”>The 2012 Old Sandwich Roa=
d Race will take place over the course of two days, Saturday, June 2 and Su=
nday, June 3. The Saturday race will feature the Kids Classic and the OSRR =
5k. Sunday=E2=80=99s main events include the OSRR <a class=3D”zem_slink”=
-sandwich-road-race-this-weekend.html” rel=3D”autointext” target=3D”_blank”=
title=3D”Hit the dirt road at the Old Sandwich Road race this weekend”>=
Half Marathon</a>, which takes place on Old Sandwich Road, and the OS=
RR 10k, beginning at Plimoth Plantation. All races end at Plymouth South Hi=
gh School.</p>
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Hit the dirt road at the Old Sandwich Road race this weekend

<p dir=3D”ltr”>The third annual Old Sandwich Road Race race is set fo=
r June 2 and 3 and organizers are hoping for a big turnout.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>Last year=E2=80=99s race drew 800 runners from 37 stat=
es and four countries. Organizers hope to double the number of runners this=
year. To do that, they=E2=80=99ve added a $3,000 winner-take-all purse for=
the half marathon winner and finisher=E2=80=99s medals for all half marath=
on participants.</p>
<p>The 2012 Old Sandwich Road Race will take place over the course of=
two days, Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3. The Saturday race will feat=
ure the Kids Classic and the OSRR 5k. Sunday=E2=80=99s main events include =
the OSRR Half Marathon, which takes place on Old Sandwich Road, and the OSR=
R 10k, beginning at Plimouth Plantation. Continue Reading →

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Old Sandwich Road Race kicks up the dirt this weekend

     The Old Sandwich Road Race returns for its second year this Saturday.     This year there will be four competitions spread over two days. Saturday, will feature a 5 kilometer run and the OSRR Kid’s Classic. The second event is a series of five one-mile runs for children between the ages of 7 and 14. There will also be a 100 meter sprint for kids. Continue Reading →

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