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WICKED LOCAL: Motorcyclist seriously injured in Manomet crash

A motorcyclist suffered serious head injuries Thursday night in a crash in a Manomet development. Police said the 26-year-old man was not wearing a helmet when his motorcycle crashed into a portable basketball hoop on Shallow Pond Lane at 6:37 p.m.
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Crash on State Road sends two to hospital

<p dir=3D”ltr”>A Bourne man is in critical, but stable condition at B=
righam and Women&#39;s Hospital after crashing his motorcycle Saturday =
<p dir=3D”ltr”>According to Capt. John Rogers, the man was traveling =
north at high speed on State Road. He lost control of his bike north of Pow=
erhouse Road, crashing into a car driven by a 48-year-old Sagamore Beach wo=
men, and then hitting a guardrail.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>The motorcyclist, 41, was taken to South Shore Hospita=
l, and then to Boston, with what were described as serious leg and head inj=
uries. The other victim was taken to South Shore Hospital with less serious=
<p dir=3D”ltr”>Rogers said the biker will be summonsed to court on se=
veral charges, including operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license=
<p dir=3D”ltr”>Part of State Road was closed for several hours while =
accident investigators examined the scene.</p>
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Manomet boy is champion motocross racer

<p dir=3D”ltr”><a class=3D”asset-img-link” href=3D”http://manometc=” style=3D”displ=
ay: inline;”><img alt=3D”Owen 224″ class=3D”asset asset-image at-xid=
-6a0147e2e64b07970b016768b17b76970b” src=3D”http://manometcurrent.typepad.c=
om/.a/6a0147e2e64b07970b016768b17b76970b-400wi” style=3D”width: 400px;” tit=
le=3D”Owen 224″ /></a><br /><span style=3D”font-family: v=
erdana, geneva; font-size: 8pt;”>Photos courtesy Tiffany Walters</spa=
<p dir=3D”ltr”>It=E2=80=99s hard to tell which generates more energy,=
Owen Covell or the engine of one of his pint-sized motorbikes.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>Fidgeting on the living room couch, Owen looks like wh=
at he is, a 6-year-old boy. But put him on one of his motorcycles, and he b=
ecomes a champion racer.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>

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Plymouth man dies after crashing motorcycle at St. Bonaventure

<p dir=3D”ltr”>A 68-year-old Plymouth man died at a Boston hospital a=
fter being hurt in a motorcycle accident, Thursday morning.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>But it isn=E2=80=99t certain the accident caused his d=
<p dir=3D”ltr”>According to Capt. John Rogers, the victim was practic=
ing maneuvers on his motorcycle in the parking lot of St. Bonaventure Churc=
h, he tried to go around a telephone pole and hit a car. A retired EMT arri=
ved first to tend to the man, whose only visible injury was a broken arm. H=
e was reportedly conscious and alert, according to Rogers.</p>
<p dir=3D”ltr”>The victim was first taken to Jordan Hospital and then=
to Boston, where he died. Rogers could not say if the the motorcycle crash=
was a direct cause of the man=E2=80=99s death.</p>
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VIDEO: A ride to Manomet Point

<p><iframe frameborder=3D”0″ height=3D”315″ src=3D”http://www.yout=” width=3D”560″></iframe></p>
<p>Retired news photographer Bill Harrigan shot this video of his mot=
orcycle ride out to White Horse Beach.</p>
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Fatal Clark Road accident remains under investigation

<div>A fatal accident that claimed the life of a Manomet man remains =
under investigation according to police.<br /> Brendan Kennedy, 26, o=
f Trask Road was killed Friday afternoon when his motorcycle collided with =
a BMW sports utility vehicle making a left turn onto Route 3 North from Cla=
rk Road. The driver of the BMW was traveling south, while Kennedy was trave=
ling north, according to Capt. John Rogers.<br /> Kennedy was taken t=
o Jordan Hospital where he was pronounced dead.<br /> Police are stil=
l trying to determine whether the driver, a Brookline resident, will face a=
ny charges.</div>
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Cedarville motorcyclist hurt in accident on State Road

A Cedarville man was taken to Jordan Hospital after an accident on State Road in Manomet. According to Capt. John Rogers, he was traveling south on State Road on his motorcycle near the High Point Treatment Center when he saw a car which he thought was exiting the facility. When he braked, he hit the ground, suffering cuts in bruises. The woman driving the car was, Rogers said, actually pulling back into High Point because she didn’t think she would be able to pull out into traffic fast enough.  
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