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South Plymouth man charged with driving under the influence of marijuana

A South Plymouth man was arrested for allegedly driving while stoned Friday night. According to Captain John Rogers, an officer patrolling in West Plymouth reportedly saw a car being driven by Austin Ward, 19, of Bay Colony Drive fail to stop at a sign on Carver Road. Ward, Rogers said, then allegedly slowed down, but didn’t stop at the light at Seven Hills Road and Samoset Street. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Pair from Manomet arrested after police find drugs in car

Two people from Manomet were arrested on drug distribution charges Sunday morning. According to Captain John Rogers, police responded to a reported drug overdose at the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth Center. Officers found two people in a car who he described as being lethargic, but conscious. EMTs checked them and decided they did not need hospitalization, he said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Police make pot bust at Stop and Shop

Police arrested a Cedarville man for allegedly dealing marijuana near the Manomet Stop and Shop, Thursday afternoon. According to Captain John Rogers, narcotic detectives were conducting surveillance in the parking lot when they reportedly observed a deal taking place between two men. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Three arrested in Manomet on drug charges

<p>Three people were arrested on Manomet Point Road after drugs were =
found in the house.</p>
<p>According to Capt. John Rogers, probation officers and police were=
checking in on two people, one of whom had a warrant for his arrest. Polic=
e discovered marijuana and a syringe with heroin residue on it.</p>
<p>Abigail Cappola, 21, was charged with possession of heroin. &#=
0160;Allison Cappola, 21, and Kevin Cameron, 22, &#0160;who lived at th=
e address, were charged with being present where they knew heroin was being=
kept. &#0160;Cameron was also arrested on a warrant for possession of =
a class A substance and Allison Cappola was arrested on a warrant for distr=
ibution of a class A substance and cited for poession of marijuana under an=
<p>Both Cappolas live on Raymond Road.</p>
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Mother and son charged with growing marijuana

Photo courtesy Plymouth Police Department
Marijuana plants found at house on Patriot Circle, Tuesday.  
Police arrested a Manomet mother and son on several drug charges Tuesday morning.According to Capt. John Rogers, detectives, acting on a tip, searched the 21 Patriot Circle home of Marielena Keene, 44, and her son, Matthew Keene, 22.Eight marijuana plants were found growing in pots next to the house, he said. According to Rogers, the pair were keeping the plants on the roof during the day, then moving them to the ground at night.When full-grown, Rogers said, each plant would produce half a pound of marijuana, valued at about $1,500.Both were charged with possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute and manufacture of a class D substance. Marielena Keene was also charged with possession of  a class D substance and possession of class B substance, in this case the suboxine, a drug used to combat opiate addiction.Matthew Keene was also charged with possession of a class D substance.Both were scheduled to be arraigned in Plymouth district court this morning. Continue Reading →

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