tado °, the company specializing in controlling air conditioning in the home, has announced the first phase of development of its renewed application. There are changes and improvements to the tool, new features that they are already testing and that give access to a visualization of what it costs us to heat the house.

This is an improvement that will serve, when it comes overall, to plan the energy cost and euros of heating the house, in an attempt to help the user reduce the final bill for each month.

Minimize the bill every month

The new cost forecasting tool allows exhaustive monitoring of the home air conditioning process and to benefit from it, it will be necessary to have a subscription to Auto-Assist, the system that fully automates the control of the home heating systems. .

In order to establish a cost forecast, the system relates in real time the behavior of the heating and the cost of energy, a process which is carried out by linking the temperature and settings of the tado ° app with the analog data or smart meters and using real-time algorithms.

De esta forma los usuarios podrán hacer un seguimiento durante todo el año del coste que supone tener la calefacción encendida y de paso ofrecer consejos y asesoramiento para mejorar la eficiencia y reducir los costes, tanto en la factura como en la reducción de of the House.

The first version of this new function is available today for certain user groups in different European markets and the company announces that the versions will be updated during the winter season when the heating is used.

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