After reviewing the code, Microsoft decided to bring the shared clipboard to its virtual keyboard, SwiftKey. With the latest version of the app, currently in beta, items copied from Windows 10 can be received on mobile, and vice versa. The function is already available and can be activated very easily.

Microsoft has reduced the gap between Windows and Android by not only offering a synchronization tool between the two platforms, but by gradually integrating the mobile system with that of the desktop. There is the launch of Android applications in Windows 11, for example; aside from the large number of Android apps from Microsoft that bridge the gap with computers. One of them is SwiftKey, which just introduced a really cool feature: the shared clipboard. We tested it.

Sync what you copy between Android and Windows 10

The feature has already reached SwiftKey for Android, although it remains in the beta for now. The shared clipboard takes advantage of the Microsoft password to sync items between platforms and through the cloud: quickly, easily and very conveniently. What do you usually use Android and Windows? SwiftKey Beta makes the experience easy for you.

As we said, you must have installed the beta version of Microsoft’s virtual keyboard. Once updated, among the clipboard options, SwiftKey offers the ability to sync items with any Windows 10 computer. Without the need for the mobile phone to be Samsung or using software. “Your phone”: synchronization is suitable for any device.

To set up the shared clipboard between SwiftKey for Android and a Windows 10 computer, you need to do the following:

Install the latest version of SwiftKey beta on your Android. Open the keyboard options and go to “Rich Typing”. Select “Clipboard”. Activate “Synchronize Clipboard History” and sign in with your Microsoft account, the same one you use in Windows 10. Once clipboard synchronization is activated in SwiftKey, go to your PC settings. Go to clipboard settings (find it like this) and click “Introduction” under “Sync between devices”. Sign in with your Microsoft account, the same one you used on SwiftKey. Once the configuration is complete, everything is ready for the synchronization of the copied texts.

This synchronization of items is done via the Microsoft cloud, the connection is end-to-end encrypted, only the last copied text is transmitted and everything in the clipboard is deleted after one hour of copying.

If you want to test clipboard sync between Android and Windows 10, just install the latest beta version of the app and configure both devices as we detailed. In our testing, it worked as expected: immediate and straightforward.

Microsoft SwiftKey beta

Via | XDA Developers