One of the apps we use the most on cell phones is the keyboard, which is needed every time you need to type something. With this in mind, many applications of the style have chosen to integrate other services and utilities, such as Gboard or SwiftKey. The latest Microsoft keyboard integration is with To-Dos.

SwiftKey is ahead of Gboard allowing you to create tasks in Microsoft To Do from the keyboard, without having to switch apps. This integration is now available in the beta version of SwiftKey and requires that you sign in with your Microsoft account.

Tasks from the keyboard

The next time you chat with someone and suggest a task, you won’t need to switch apps to save it, as long as you’re using Microsoft services. SwiftKey Beta integrates with Microsoft To Do, Microsoft’s task app.

The integration requires that you sign in with your Microsoft account on SwiftKey, and it’s accessible from the top bar of the keyboard at all times, with its own icon. Tap on it to open a small panel allowing you to create tasks directly from the keyboard. You can only write the name of the task and not add additional details, such as its date.

Tasks created from SwiftKey are visible in Microsoft To Do, Outlook, and Teams, but not directly in SwiftKey. From the keyboard, you can create them, but not view them or get more information about them after they are created.

In addition to being able to add tasks from the top bar, a shortcut is also displayed in the suggestion bar to automatically create a task from the text copied to the clipboard. After appearing in the beta, let’s hope it won’t take long for it to be available in the official stable as well.

Microsoft SwiftKey beta

Via | Android Police