Sven Väth has been a DJ for 40 years. He imagines that the celebrations will be even more intense after the pandemic.


DJ legend Sven Väth (57) is convinced that the party culture after the Corona pandemic will be at least as excessive as before. “I think maybe it will be even more intense. The hunger is so great,” he told the German Press Agency.

People’s desire for the dance floor is huge. He recently had individual opportunities to perform in different corners of the world: “Some people cried. It was so emotional. I stood there like an old man with goosebumps and thought about what a beautiful time these are.”

He is always curious

Last year, Väth celebrated his 40th DJ anniversary – and there’s no end in sight yet. “Many of my colleagues are no longer there. At some point they turned off or stopped at some point or didn’t feel like it anymore. His interest in music, on the other hand, never ceased. “I always wanted to persevere, to keep buying new records and discovering new styles. It turned into a crazy desire to share that and travel the world.”

In the 1980s Väth celebrated success with the formation OFF (“Electrica Salsa”), later he shaped the party culture with his Frankfurt clubs “Omen” and “Cocoon” as well as the famous Ibiza. To this day, the native of Offenbach is one of the most famous DJs in the world. On February 25, he will release his first solo album in almost 20 years, “Catharsis”.

“I’m 57 now and I’ve been through so much. In fact, I’ve lived four lives,” says Väth. For his sometimes hour-long DJ sets, he keeps in shape with a lot of sport, with cardio , mini-triathlons and bodybuilding. “I need it for my back. I’m on my feet a lot and I travel a lot, so I always have my 60-kilo records with me.” And he still has a lot of plans: “I have two children who also want something from their dad.” (dpa)