Aqara has announced the arrival in various European countries of its most recent security camera. This is the G2H Pro, a surveillance camera that offers compatibility with Siri and HomeKit but can also be used with the rest of the personal assistants on the market.

The G2H Pro will be available for purchase in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in mainland Europe, as well as South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China in Asia. A model whose design is identical to the G2H that we already knew.

Compatible with HomeKit Secure Video

The Aqara G2H Pro is compatible with HomeKit and Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. It can also be used with the other two major voice assistants on the market such as Google, Alexa, in addition to working under IFTTT. Unlike the standard model, you can now see what you’re capturing on Google and Amazon’s display speakers. A model in which it stands out that it is compatible with Apple HomeKit Secure Video for registration in the personal iCloud account.

The G2H Pro runs on Zigbee 3.0 and has an integrated hub. Differences from normal G2H are very rare. Physically, it is only distinguished by the LED which changes from blue to different colors to indicate the function it uses: pairing, registration, firmware update…

The G2H Pro offers video recording in 1080p resolution at 20 fps or 24 fps for HomeKit Secure Video and a field of view ranging from 140º to 146º. It has a motion detection system and if the customer also has the Aqara alarm, the new G2H Pro allows integration with HomeKit. To maintain privacy, it adds a feature that allows the user to hide certain parts of the camera’s field of view.

In terms of storage, the G2H Pro allows the use of SD cards up to 512 GB, compared to 32 GB supported by the normal G2H. A webcam that only supports 2.4 GHz networks and WPA3 security encryption. For power, it uses a Micro-USB connection.

Price and availability

The Aqara G2H Pro can be purchased at Apple stores, online, and in-store in select countries. At the moment it does not yet appear in the catalog and if we visit the Apple Store we still find the normal GH2 for 79.95 euros. We found it for 66.13 euros on Amazon.

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